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Help with Kitten Food Selection

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Let's talk kitten poop ... lol.

I am currently playing foster mom to three kittens for a volunteer organization I work with, http://www.forpawssake.org/ . They are about 6-8 weeks old.

The kittens are now on pancur, their third round of medications for some stomach issues they have been having. At this point I am using disposable litter boxes and removing them from the room any time one of the kittens uses them in a desperate attempt to keep the kittens from reinfecting themselves over and over again.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for kitten food brands that are especially good for babies with stomach issues.

All three of the kittens have had diarrhea for about four weeks now (sense they came to me). They have been on albon, metronidazole, and now the pancur. At one point they almost had formed stool, but now the pancur has turned the poopy back into puddles on the floor (althought the odor is not nearly as bad as before!). One of my adult cats also seems to have these sort of issues when he is on certain antibiotics; I don't believe this is too unusual. This is also not the only kittens I have fostered with this issue, but these guys are definately the worst I have encountered. I feel bad that I can't quickly clear up their issues for them!

Any food suggestions or recommendations from other great cat people that have experienced this problem will be greatly appreciated!
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I like natual choice by nutro, evo by innova looks good since there are no grains, sensible choice by royal canin
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Ask your vet about giving them benebac (contains several kinds of active live strains of healthy bacteria that the gut needs and which get wiped out with antibiotic use...just as can happen with people) or you can just try giving them plain active live culture yogurt.

Food...pick one and stick with it, at this point, changes may be too much for their systems to handle. If you feel your current food is a good quality kitten food, don't change. One good brand is Nutro Natural Choice Complete care.
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