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Kitten needs help

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My kittens are 4 weeks old. There mom died Monday night. One of them is very constipated. I have been trying for days to stimulate him. He pees, but that is it. Is there anything I can do?
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how gave you been stimaulating him

i alway used a slightly dam cotton wool pad
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Hopefully someone will show up soon with better advice, but when I raised some kittens whose mother would not raise them, I stimulated them using a slightly damp cotton ball. Please continue to try very often, because the kitten will not live long if it is not getting rid of its waste.
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I have been stimulating all 6 of them. He is the only one who is having problems.
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What are you feeding? Are you feeding cow's milk? If you are, you need to stop and feed Kitten Glop. At four weeks old he should ready to be introduced to the litter pan. It is also possible he is eliminating and you don't notice it- they poop and pee in their beds. How is his stomach? Is it firm and hard, or squishy and soft? Is he the runt? What did the mom die from?

Here is a page about helping kittens eliminate

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They are eating KMR weaning formula, Royal Carin Baby Cat, and Nutro canned food. They have been introduced to the litter box, only one uses it regularly. His belly is hard and he looks like he is straining. He is not the runt. There are 3 kittens that weigh less than him. The vet believes it was a blood clot that killed there monther.
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take him to the vets if he has been in one day
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Constipated or straining kittens? In this case, you would want to increase the strength of the formula, and feed slightly smaller amounts, but feed more frequently. If the kitten has a swollen abdomen and hasn't passed a bowel movement in over a day, you may want to try mineral oil given by mouth (3 drops per ounce of body weight). You may want to discuss with your vet whether or not a warm, soap-water enema can or should be given.
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I taking the kitten to the vets in a few minutes. Thanks for you help!
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good luck
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