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Insurance in Florida

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This really burns me


I mean, what's the sense of having insurance if the insurance companies will drop you when they have to pay out? It's not as if they didn't know that yes, Florida does have hurricanes! What's next, dropping Alabama because of the tornadoes? Or California because of earthquakes and wildfires? Or midwestern states because of flooding? It's not exactly All-state, is it?
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If I remember right, Allstate made a hefty profit even after the hurricanes!
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Geesh...and once again the consumer gets the raw end of the deal. Total catch-22 for the consumer, and a win-win for the insurance companies. With one of the biggest players bowing out, the others who will insure homes and companies in Florida can raise their rates exponentially, and the consumer can't say boo. You can't carry a mortgage without insurance.

I will say, it is typical for insurance companies to either deny the most at-risk destructive forces in their policy, or you have to pay out the nose for it. If one owns a home in the Colorado Mountains, getting insurance that covers destruction by forest fire is difficult at best because that is the primary risk for those homes.
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