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How much does your cat weigh?

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Okay, I have a "little" 20 pounder here. Vet said she's not really fat, just a BIG boned cat.

Just wondering what your cats weigh. What is the "normal" weight of a cat?

Susan and Cody
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Well, Waffle is due for her yearly visit so I don't have an up-to-date number right now. Last time though she was 12pds. My guess is she's gained just a little since last year.
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Sophie went for her yearly checkup and booster shot last week and weighed in at 10lb 1oz, but she should be 8lb.

Rosie goes next month for her check up and i'm dreading her weigh in because i know she's a couple of lb over her 8lb as well!
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Cosette was 3.2 pounds when she went to the vet's 2 weeks ago. My baby is growing so fast!!! Eponine WAS about a pound underweight, but since she's been eating nothing but Cosette's kitten food, she's up to what the vet said is a healthy weight for her- about 10 pounds. She's my little bowling ball :
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our largest is 20lb as well
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I have 3 tame cats, all are about 7-8lbs. They are young, though. Gar and Fest just turned one in April, and she was the runt of her litter. Will is probably about 10 months old.

They are all very active!
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Well....Lucky just rang in at 6lbs when she was 8mos old. I think she lost weight chasing the new kitten rambo. Rambo is well on his way to being a bruiser (according to the vet) since he's over 3lbs and just short of 3months old (and he eats everything he can find....even right out from under lucky!

My neighbours have 3 cats around 16-20lbs...they seem to be big-boned cats with HUGE feet. If the vet things it's fine, and they are still active and happy....what the heck!
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Juicy is almost 13 pounds and it makes me want to cry. I have him on a diet, though, with lots of exercise, in hopes that he will lose some weight!!!

Do you think Jenny Craig accepts feline clients?
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Chloe and Iris are both in the 6-7 lb range. They're 6 months old.
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Last Friday I had Lightning in for a vet check up, he is a 1year old. He wieghted in at 9.8 lbs. I thought he would be heavier actually, he is a long skinny type.
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Hummm... I need to check Milky´s Weigh...
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Samuel weighed 2.6 pounds this week. My vet says he is going to be bigger than the dog when he is full grown. The dog weighs 10.5 pounds.
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nacho is 12 lbs
Orion is 9lbs
Gordito is 14lbs
Poptart is 16lbs

Nacho and Orio are going to be two in August, I suspect they will gain weight when they are neutered. Poptart and Gordy are just a year old.. and neutered and everything. Not overweight, they are large cats.
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Princess weighed 12lbs 13oz last month.
Patsy weighed 11 lbs 15oz at the vet yesterday for her abcess in her anal gland that ruptured. She lost 3 oz.
George weighed 10 lbs 12oz at his last appointment but he's gained some weight since then.
Sweetie and Blackie weigh between 8 - 8 1/2 lbs. They look big but they are all fur.
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Bijou is just under 16 lbs. and Mika is 4 1/2 lbs.
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Mittens is 21 pounds

He has lost 3 pounds since January...
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Pixel weighs 11 pounds - she's pleasingly plump
Cable weighs 8-9 pounds - just right, IMO
Java only weighs about 2 pounds - she's still quite skinny from being homeless
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Gosh, cody seems to be a little more than pleasantly plump. (earmuffs!)

I'd put her on a diet but she need the UTI food. She eats about a cup of food a day. Is that normal? And I give her about 3-6 kitty treats a day too. No table foods unless something drops! But she will eat any and every thing that you give her!!!
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Lily weighs in at nine pounds.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
Bijou is just under 16 lbs. and Mika is 4 1/2 lbs.
Did you steal my name? (kidding of course! , is yours a wise little racoon, too?)

Our Mika weighs in at just over 7 lbs at 8 months. Of course when he's walking on you and those big paws press down into your flesh it feels like he's 50 pounds!
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i havent got a clue what socks is, but ill find out soon at his check-up
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Mik is just over 10 pounds (a tad overweight)
Lex is about 8 pounds (average)
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My cats are all full grown. Scarlett is the smallest at 6 pounds and Tigger the largest at 18 pounds. Tigger is slightly heavy but really just a large cat. Most of the rest are in their ideal weight of 9-11 pounds with 3 more a bit larger at 14-15 pounds (2 are ideal weight big boned and one is just too fat for his own good).

I love to see Scarlett put the bigger cats in their place. She is the queen and simply rules everyone in the house.
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Angel is a perfect 10 pounder
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Bonnie is nearly 20 pounds, pandy wuld be maybe three, she's a tiny cat and is onlt six months old....bonnie has always been chubbie, i don't really think she's unhealthy


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Ive got about a 6 pounder and a 15 pounder THe big one lost a pound and the little one took it up. My little girl is Aerowyn and she is 10 months. Elliot is a neutered male and he is 3 years :P hes a big orange cat though which are bigger then most regular cats
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Adelaide currently weighs in at 9lbs...I think its a perfect weight for her (vet does too) but everyone thinks she is fat at first glance cuz she is so fuzzy
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Gordo 18 pounds
Princess 12 pounds
Pitufo 8 pounds (he's mostly fur)
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Originally Posted by lovemycodygirl
Okay, I have a "little" 20 pounder here. Vet said she's not really fat, just a BIG boned cat.

Just wondering what your cats weigh. What is the "normal" weight of a cat?

Susan and Cody
Depends on the breed of the cat. Some as little as about 5-6 pounds and some up to around 25 pounds.

Sphinx was a perfect 9.5lbs.
Kuce is about 11.5lbs. (close for her type)
Lil' Jag about 6-7 lbs but we need to weigh her.
Luvbug is about 18lbs - close to what he should be.
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Cj is 8 lbs 12 oz. And is a really long cat.

Tigger is a big heavy boy but vet said he only weighs 9 lbs (i still dont think that is right cj is at most 2/3 his size, but closer to half!) I say closer to 12 lbs.

I have a question while we are all talking about our cats' waistlines, Cj and Tiggy both have what we call hangy downy belly its just extra skin like you see on a lion or tiger that just hangs down in a line down their bellies, not fat just extra skin. Just on their bellies. They eat plenty, and they are both tabbies. Tigger big and bright orange, Cj brown and black tabby. Just wondering if anyone else has this feature.
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