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Dogs and the litter box

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I know there are people here with both. How do you keep your dog(s) from "grazing" the litter box? Hopefully this will only be a short term problem for us, as since Kellie is a Pekingese she can't jump over things. With Melichus and Annie we just kept the litter box either in the tub in an unused bathroom, or in a room behind a short 12" barrier that we could step across and the cats could easily jump but that kept Kellie out of the room. However by the time Kellie came along Melichus was already 6 and thoroughly litter trained (in fact he never, ever, broke litter box training until the bone cancer started hurting him .)

I want to have several litter boxes easily accessible for the kittens until I'm satisfied that they are thoroughly trained, so I really don't want something they're going to have to jump over to get to the box --- at least for a while.

At night I don't think it'll be too much of a problem as Kellie sleeps in her bed all night and I can just put her collar and leash on her and secure it to a piece of furniture. Just so she doesn't get the notion that she needs a midnight snack as it were .

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We keep ours in a cubby behind a baby gate.
The gate isn't flush to the floor, enough room for a kitty to squeeze under, but not a dog.

I'm stumped though in your case, obviously your dog is much smaller than ours.

Maybe doll cribs with decent bar spacing turned upside down over them?
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Juicy has a covered litterbox, so that keeps Destin out of it. However, last night I was cleaning out Juicy's box and had some of his nasty stuff in a bag on the floor while I was putting the lid back on and Destin ran up and grabbed him a piece (YUCK!!!) while I wasn't looking!!!

I had to chase after him and make him drop it! Yuck again!!! How disgusting!!!
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Actually I hadn't thought of raising the baby gate off the floor a bit. Kellie's not much of one for crawling under things so that might work. Worth a shot anyway!
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I use covered litterboxes faced toward the wall. Placing them in a corner somewhere helps. The cats can wither squeeze around the box or jump over it to get in.
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