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Throwing Up

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Hi all, just a quick question,
I have had crumbly for just over a week now, I have been feeding him the same as he has always been fed (Whiskas Junior Pouches and Whiskas Dry Food) and he seems to have a healthy appetite and is eating right, I feed him 3 small meals a day as he is only 8 weeks old.

In the 9 days that I have had him, i have woke in the morning or returned from work to find vomit, sometimes in his litter tray, sometimes not, about 3 times. Never on consecutive days or more than once in a day.
The only change is that he has gone from the Jelly to the Gravy Whiskas food but he did vomit once before this change.

He is going to the toilet fine and doesnt have any signs of constipation or diaohorrea, and he doesnt seem to be any less active than usual.
I just wanted your advice before I see a vet, is it common for kittens to throw up now and again? as I am aware that their little stomachs are still quite weak?
I am not too concerned at the moment, but its nice to hear what people who know what they are talking about say.
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Get a vet appt .... this could be serious..
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I agree with sharky. It is not normal for a cat, especially a kitten to vomit so much. If he has been vomiting the entire time you have had him then I don't think this could just be from a diet change. Whiskas is not a great cat food. I am not sure but I don't think that Whiskas Junior qualifies as a kitten food. A kitten this young (Remember this baby is just getting used to solid food!) requires a pediatric diet. Adult food is too hard for him to digest. I would get him in to your vet for an exam then get a better quality kitten food.
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Crumbly threw up again tonight, I'm really worried now, funny thing is his behaviour hasnt changed at all! hes still active, and shows no sign of being i'll, still better be safe than sorry. Vet visit first thing I think.

Ps. He had his first set of injections 2 days ago, would that make him a bit sick?
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Certainly some vaccines have reactions, but it sounds like something more. Kittens that age should be on soft food, I feed Iams kitten. But at 8 weeks this wee one should still be with mom. Has he even seen a vet?

I would also give him some pedialyte with a feeding syringe, just a small amount as you don't want to asphirate him. But I too, would get him to the vet.
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Yes he has seen a vet, 2 days ago when he got his forst dose of vacines, the vet gave him a clean bill of health, and I can honestly say (without any bias) that the vet is a very good one and well respected in our little town, I rang him and asked him about it and he said that kittens do throw up from time to time, as it is the same reaction the have with hairballs etc when they are older, and advised me to get some grass, wash it and let crumbly nibble it, he thinks this may settle his stomach, but he also said that if he throws up again tommorrow to bring him straight in
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My vet has a saying about feeding kitten, feed the stomach not the bowl. A kitten's stomach is quite small, are you perhaps overfeeding? Also try the pedialyte to help his body chemistry adjust to losing fluids. If you lightly scruff his neck and it stays tented up- get him to your vet NOW- he will need sub cu fluids as he is dehydrated. You can also elevate the food bowl a bit to see if that helps. I am glad you have faith in your vet. I have had plenty of young kittens and not once have I had one vomit to the extent you say yours is. I hope he is okay-
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