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Help please

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Hi my cat has had a litter of three on the 17 may 2005
I have a question How do i stimulate the kitts to go to the bath room and the mother aswell. Please help cause i dont think its healthy to not go for 3 days.

Thank you
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how do you know mom isn't doing it
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It is not healthy at all!!! Hopefully the momma cat is doing it while you aren't watching. Please keep a close eye on them, and keep trying to stimulate them yourself as well (a cotton ball, damp with warm water works well).
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You don't stimulate the mother, and if the mother is around and nursing and grooming her babies you just let her be and let her do all the work. She is cleaning them up and eating their stool etc, as is nature's way at this age. If she is neglecting the kittens and not feeding them or grooming them then this website will help you raise the babies

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Hi thank you False alarm she is doin everything she should Be doing, I am just new to this so I was a bit worried.

Thank you
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You can stimulate a kitten to release his bowels by gently rubbing his anus perhaps with baby oil or a warm cotton ball. Generally the mother cat licks their area to get things going. I did exactly this with my previous kitty and it worked, rather fast, too.

Paul, you sound very caring to want to help. Those kitties are real lucky to have found you, and you them.
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