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Weird Cat

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I've read some of these, and I've decided I've got one weird cat. He:

Likes his cat carrier. Will often nap in it just for the hell of it.

Doesn't mind the vet. Sits in his carrier and looks at me like I'm retarded. Never meows or get's annoyed.

Has no difficulty transferring from my apartment and my home (I'm in college). He knows where both litterboxes are and has no trouble going from one to the other every week or two.

Has never, ever hissed or growled at me.

Has never, ever bitten or clawed at me out of anger.

Licks my face when I've come home from class or work.

Prefers dry food to canned.

Kicks the dog's ass, and refuses to avoid confrontation. When I'm at home, he comes out of my room looking for trouble. (I have a pure-bred siberian husky and a loveable mutt at home)

Likes when I have company. Will not go someplace out of the way and sleep. Will instead sit on the coffee table in the middle of the room, watching everyone.

Just thought I'd share. Weird cat.
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Not so very weird.

Our cats are much the same. They actually greet our guests at the door.

They both go for car rides with us and to most stores. Grocery stores are a bit tricky, but they go with us into most other stores. Usually kids make a big fuss over them and they love it and are very friendly.

We carry a pan of litter, food and water in the car so they are comfortable.
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Sounds to me like you have a wonderful cat. Cherish him. :-)
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He sounds very sweet. I wish my ornery critters were that cooperative.
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Does he like the vacuum cleaner?

You've got a real sweetheart there.
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