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Assistance in type of Kitty

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I was wondering if anyone could possibly tell what breed my kitty may be.

She was thrown out by her previous owners when she was just weeks old. Thought she was a russian blue due to color and temperment but she doesn't have the strong facial features of pure russian blues. Any help would be great. Would be just has happy with her being a mutt!!!!

Here are some photos of her.... some are repeats from her debute on the forum, but wanted to show some of her charecteristics..(sp?)

this shows a good face shot..

any help would be great... thanks

Jilly & Kitters
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Also wanted to say,

She is very playful, smart, & affectionate. Her fur is grey but does have the silver tips on quite a few of the hairs. She doesn't look it so much in the pictures but she is quit skinny though the hind quarters, even though she eats enough and regularly. She is three years old and still quite small in size. (Neighbors cat of 7 months has passed her size already) Talkative at certain times. (she will talk to tell us if there is a bee in the house, she says water when she wants new COLD water, she will talk to us to wake me up when the alarm goes off and I don't want to get up. etc.) anything else you want to know, feel free to ask..

Thanks again!
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OK.. OK.. This is the last photo i'll put up.... I just took this one and it was so cute and showed her very good.... so here she is.

on her stool looking out the door, saw i had the camera and struck a pose... lol
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Two things...

First, I posted a similar thread about Cosmo back when I first got him -- might be helpful for you to read...

Also, I thought you might enjoy Cosmo's photo gallery

Your kitty is beautiful regardless of what her heritage may be
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Thank you for posting that info for me. I found it all quite informative, and interesting! I think we all with cats such as ours should make our own breed. They should be call Blue Rescue, as most have been rescued. My theory anyway... I also wanted to say that I really like all your photos, very very nice! I can really tell you're a photographer.

Just wanted to say thanks again. Kitty is happy the way she is as am I!!!!
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If my Lovey was half the size with short hair, I would say they are twins...
Your kitty has almost the same head features!
Both of your kitties are beautiful!
Just a plain old domestic, but just as lovable, if not more

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She is a beauty, that is what she is. I just love that last picture you put up.
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Your baby girl is very beautiful, lovely pics.
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Thanks everyone, I have really enjoyed having her around since I got her and she has been the smartest cat I have ever owned!! She's a funny one too.. LOL I love her just the same. One thing that is wierd to me is that I have never seen a solid grey cat like her before.... I think it is very cool that there are so many... She does have family, whatever they are.. lol
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She's beautiful! I don't know what kind of kitty she is, but she looks happy and well cared for.
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I think she's darling. She looks just like my Lucy. I love little gray kitties.
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rusian blue?
But the important is she´s sooooo cute!
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that is a beautiful blue domestic shorthair! true Russian Blues have green eyes. she's lovely - looks like my Mouse except for the eyes.
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mouse has very beautiful eyes!!!
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Originally Posted by SillyJilly
mouse has very beautiful eyes!!!
i think so. they were sort of an amber-green mix, a lot like Pixel's. not really green enough to go with the 'russian blue' type coat she had, but still very pretty. i still miss her!
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I don't know what breed she is but I do know that she is a beauty. I love her picture on top of the stool.
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thanks again everyone!!!
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