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I just saw that a suicide bomber or bombers just hit somewhere in Jerusalem. How awful. These people have been dished out enough, its all so sad. Prayers be with them.
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OMG where does Anne and Catherine live!
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Thats what I was thinking. Does anyone know if she is in Jerusalem or nearby there?
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These delays in hearing from the people in question make me crazy! I can't tell if something's actually wrong or if it's a time zone thing.

BTW, wasn't there someone in Dubai, too? Has anyone heard from her? (She's probably been here all along and I've forgotten her name so I don't know it . . .)
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she hasn't been on in awhile. She had a contingency plan in place, and now that I think of it, she may have even been planning to get out of the city, before that.
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The bombs supposedly to have gone off at the front of a mall and ice cream shops about midnight their time. 12 people dead and 180 wounded by reports on CNN. This was in central Jerusalem, per the reports. I hope Anne and Catherine and Amanda and all others we know got safely to bed with no problems!
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Last I heard this morning (sunday)... Is two suicide bombings in Jeruselam and one bomb in Haifa.....

One of the bombs was on a bus....the others at a mall......
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I've emailed Anne and Catherine, I know it's probably in the wee hours of the morning though....they won't get it unless they're online. I hope they post soon ;(

Love & Peace,
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Anne is online right now.

glad to see your okay Anne!
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I'm here!!!

As far as I know, my family members and friends are safe. I just got off the phone talking with my little sister. She and her fiance live in Haifa and the bomb that went off there was very near their place (3 minutes walk). They were not at home at the time (actually at a local mall...) so they didn't hear it go off. Those bombs make a lot of noise. I once heard an explosion in Tel-Aviv very clearly and I was about 1 kilometer away from it.

I hope they give it a rest now... This has been a hectic weekend with a bus exploding 10 minutes away from where we live (only three dead, so it probably never made it to the news in the US) and now these two. There were also several civilians killed in shootings in the territories. It looks like the militant Islamic organizations are doing their best to show General Zeany (the American mediator) that they are not interested in any peaceful agreement And Arafat either doesn't want to or can't control them.

I haven't heard from Catherine (Catspride), but she lives away from both Jerusalem and Haifa (about 3 hours drive away in the south).

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers!
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Hi Anne

Thanks for posting! We are all so concerned about you and your family. As for Catherine, I hope she shows posts soon...I guess most of us probably have sent her emails, now we wait and be patient
not my middle name Take Care and Be Safe!

Love & Peace,Catarina
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I just checked my mail and was so happy to see that Catherine was not hurt in the bombings. However; she did tell me that she is suffering with pnuemonia. I feel so terrible for her. She has sooo many kitties and dogs, I can imagine this is taking a toll on her.

As always, she was her humble self and asked only for prayer for her all the Countries and did mention that there was supposed to be some sort of attack in her area, but the security was so tight, nothing came of that threat (Thank God).

She also mentioned that there were numerous teenagers that were killed in the attacks in Jerusalem

It would be safe to assume that I'm sure she'll be in your thoughts...she's such a brilliant lady. If you haven't had the opportunity to chat with her by forum or by're really missing out on one hell of a woman.

Being alone and in poor health, I'm sure she'd love to read an email from you

Love & Peace,
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Put her e/mail address here - we will flood her with kitty get well wishes!
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My prayers and love go out to Anne and Catherine and their families.

When I heard the news on the TV.. I was horrified. Unbelievable.

Thank God you are all safe.
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Catherine's email is on the 8th page of the members registry (go to the top of this page and click on members) I'd hate to give out anyone's email without permission, but when I began to email Catherine, I used this method.

I hope she gets loads of love sent her way

Love & Peace,
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Thoughts and prayers from Canada too!

I think its so dreadful that humans can hurt other human beings like that I wish we could all just live in peace and talk our differences out

take care over there and God Bless
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Anne - Thank God you are safe (and Catspride too!). I saw the news Sunday morning and thought of you right away. My cable modem has been down so I wasn't able to get online till this morning. I'm so happy to see you're ok. What a time we're living in!
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Anne, I am so glad that you and your little sister are okay!!!!! And catherine, and all the others here in that area. This is so scary, and so sad, and I am just glad you all are okay. My prayers are always with you.
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Hasn't anybody learned from September 11? I am just so tired of all this violence. And not to get into religon here, but I get really annoyed that this has to happen in the Holy city. I have wanted to go to jerusalem to walk the holy path, but I can't because of all this violence! People are just to damn stubborn to listen! I am sorry but when I see on tv, the tears of those who lose loved ones in violence incidents, I get really mad. All I want to do is comfort all of them. To take the pain away. I cried alot after seeing all those people who were praying for their loved ones at the WTC and at the pentagon. Life is precious and should be protected. At least, Israel has declared war on terror.
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Amanda was from Dubai, which is in the United Arab Emirates and is on the other side of Saudi Arabia and well away from from Israel. I think she said she and her family were leaving the country after the Sept. 11 attacks, since they are British.
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What are things like there now.....are you okay?
Is your family okay?

I think of you and Catherine when I watch the news.
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I hope you & your family are ok .....

I've read Israel cut ties with Y. Arafat ....... cannot be a good thing! I hope that maybe they will decide enough is enough.
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I'm fine! Thanks everyone!

Yes, the situation is not good, but if the US, Europe and Egypt and Jordan keep up the political pressure on Arafat, I really hope he will come to his senses and put an end to terrorism!
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