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the *hugs* for MR CAT thread !

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hi everyone

im new...n a friend of mr cat who posts here...please be nice to me...i dont actually have any cats though as i live in a flat...

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awww cute...it says am a kitten...can i change my custom sig at all...

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Weaver babe! Don't worry - we are usually pretty nice around here and especially if you are a friend of the big old Mr Cat!

You have to remain a kitten until you make at least 20 posts, I think - then you become a young adult! So.....get busy! I think you can change your own signature at any time, too!

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Hi there! :daisy:

Awwww...I would hope nothing you've read would scare you away. We're a great bunch of folks...occasionally there is a difference in opinion, that's life.

I think you'll enjoy yourself That'd be great!

Probably wind up getting a kitty! :LOL::LOL:

Love & Peace,
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It's great to see you here! Welcome to the best cat-related web site in the cosmos! There are always many interesting threads in this forum, so jump in and contribute. (Weaver Babe and I are friends from the Our Music Eyes Ask For Answers [High-Bandwidth Placebo Band Fan Forums] message board. There, she goes by the name Dream Weaver.)

Welcome to The Cat Site, Dreamy!

It's Blob-O-Rama time:

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Glad you could join us.
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thanks for the welcome...hey joe...yay...


n thanks debra for the info...

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Welcome to you!!!! A friend of Joe's is a friend of ours!!!
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