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I have had a 1 year old female cat(Ginger) since October of 2004, I recently brought home a new male kitten (Haley) which is six months old and was taken to a vet for shots and a checkup and is in good health. I kept the new kitten in a seperate room for two weeks with seperate litter box and food. I slowly began letting each cat get used to the others scent by petting each one and going back and forth to each room and letting them each sniff my hands.
After two weeks I let them be together for aprox 1 to 2 hours each day for about 1 week. At night I would seperate them . Now I leave them together all day and night.The older cat hisses and trys to attack the kitten when she walks by him and the kitten just runs away.
The older cat is a female and fixed. The kitten is not . (I will be taking him next week to the vet to have him fixed) Do you think after the kitten is fixed they will get along better? I am at my wits end with the older cat , why is she being so nasty? She is super spoiled but I have been paying equal attention to them both. Will this behavior ever stop?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!