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Ear Tufts?

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As you may be able to tell from some of the following pictures, Miss Emma has two cute mini-ear tufts. I didn't know if any of you had cats with ear tufts as well, as was wondering what breeds have ear tufts and therefore what possible breeds could be a part of her DSH mix, since she was a rescue we don't know about her parents.

Here she is in all her tufted glory:

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i love ear tuffs. Its so cute. My friends cats have ear tuffs to but i dont know the breed of them. Hers are just barn cats.
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Miss Emma is a cutie pie!!

Spyder has ear tufts too!
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I don't know what cats have ear tuffs but I do know that Miss Emma is a little beauty.
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Charlotte has tuffs and I think it makes her look even more adorable. Your kitty is adorable too!!

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None of my cats have ear tuffs. You guys have beautiful kitties, love the pics.
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Oh, she is so cute!!! Ear tufts are great.
The calico I had for 18 years had them...maybe that's why I like them.
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Maine Coons are noted for ear tufts, and although I haven't researched the breeds, I'm assuming the similar breeds like the Norwegian Forest Cat and the Siberian cat would too. Melichus didn't have very large ear tufts, although he had them as a kitten. I remember another cat, a queen, from the same cattery (Willowplace) having hellacious ear-tufts --- she looked like a lynx!

I don't remember ever having seen a DSH with much in the way of ear-tufts before; definitely unusual in my book.
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And here I thought I was the only one who noticed ear tufts. Joey has them, and I love them! I was going to try and get a picture of him, but he just isn't in the mood to stand still right now.....
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