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Link to my Kitty Tree in progress ...

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Well with the two babies coming home in a week and a half I decided I needed to get my rear in gear and started working on their kitty tree today. I promised I'd take pictures, so ... bearing in mind it's a work in progress ...

The Cat Tree Saga ...

This goes to my main page. Click on "Pets" and then click on "Cat Tree" sub menu. I need to tinker with my site a bit too, the font for the sub-menus needs to be different but I didn't have time to fool with it much today.

Let me know what y'all think!
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Wow. That cat tree is going to be great! I wish I was crafty enough to make a cat tree for Meish but with my luck she'd hate it lol
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when i go there, there is no sub menu, or any link for the cat tree, either.
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Yah, that's the problem. I bet you didn't see it as it's just a rollover that looks about the same as the main menu options. Try this one, it should take you directly to the first page:

Cat Tree

Hopefully I'll get that tweaked in the next few days so it'll be a bit more obvious. At least I'll be able to get to it if my husband gets my new computer put together and de-bugged!

If the kitties don't like it, I'll just have to hang silk plants off of it and call it an interesting bit of Art Nouveau!!!
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Oh I think the kitties are going to love thier tree. You are so handy. Can't wait to see the finished product.
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Dang, I'm going to have to stop for the day . Just twisted a 1/4" socket adapter right in two trying to ratchet a 3/8x6 lag screw. It was part of a very cheap set anyway. I guess tomorrow I'll go and get a better quality one.
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It definitely looks like you know what you're doing! Can't wait to see the end results!
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How cool! I want your electric staple gun - every time I've done a cat tree I've used a manual one and had to hammer in the staples all the way.

You go girl!
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Wow! You are awesome! You really sound like you know what you're doing!!!

Great job!!!
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Originally Posted by Momofmany
How cool! I want your electric staple gun - every time I've done a cat tree I've used a manual one and had to hammer in the staples all the way.

You go girl!
Thanks! It was a cheapie, but I am soooo glad it's doing as well as it is. I really, really, really wanted to get an air stapler, but I was afraid that a narrow crown one might fire between the carpet threads most of the time since the staples are only 1/4" wide. I found out that medium and wide crown air staplers cost in the neighborhood of $3-400 . I certainly can't justify that for something that I will be using so seldom. I could get a narrow crown stapler for between 60 and 100 bucks depending on quality. If I can figure out something else I can use it for I might convince myself I need one

I tend to collect tools .
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I'm impressed. I couldn't help but peek at your front yard garden bed. Looks like something I just planted not the north side Fern, elephant ears, hostas, etc. Everything looks so tiny now but I'm inspired seeing how quickly yours grew (I'm in the north though )
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I just turned to my BF (who is a carpenter) while reading out your plans and stages of this project..and said "listen to this amazing woman!"..talking about fractions and drywall screws and saws and shtuff!!!

I didn't know half of what the hell you were talking about but it looks and sounds great! Very admirable! And its a real Cat TREE!
Keep us posted!
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I am seriously so glad that you linked us to that because I really want a cat tree for my two girls but do not want to spend $200 on one at Petsmart. My stepdad is a carpenter and has all of the tools needed, but I wasn't sure what materials to buy and how to put it together. I'm sure your tree is going to be awesome. Thanks for the link!!
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Thanks for the direct link, it worked like a charm. i must say, your skills are very impressive! that tree looks like it will be the cat version of the Taj Mahal!
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wow I wish I had your skills! I was looking at building myself a tree but upon thinking about it I have NO carpentry skills (yet) and would have to do it all myself because neither do my parents. I ended up buying one at a catshow from an elderly couple who make them in thier retirement. Apparently they've been doing it for 20 years and have learned from experience. I'm hoping that means that mine will stand up as well as yours looks like it will.
So far so good! I'm excited to see the final product. I'm sure it will be lovely!
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