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A Poem for Those Who Love Black Cats

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(c) Laura Stamps

Mid-November, and the
pinewoods shivers with
autumn, acorns bouncing
their brittle hats upon
the grass, as leaf-lovers
rejoice in the season’s
vivid parade of color.
Trees quiver with cloaks
of blackbirds migrating
to the tropics, thousands
of beaks blending in one
voice, buzzing with an
urgent mission, each day-
light moment gleaming as
precious as gold. Only
the kittens’ mother greets
me now at mealtimes,
eager for breakfast at
eight and dinner at three,
her coat starlessly black.
I’ve named her Jasmine.
Truly, an exotic night-
blooming blossom, a
cat not only addicted to
yogurt but also to me.
The first time I touched
her, she hissed, jumping
away, shocked by the
novelty of human contact.
Today, she allows my hand
to swim the dark river of
her back, drowning in the
deep rapids of a plumed
tail, her paws kneading
dormant grass. Watching
my three cats, dark as
olives, mashing their wet
noses against the sliding
glass door, I suppose it’s
only right that the black
cat among these strays
should be the one to adopt
my home as her own.
Moving from one bowl to
the next, she glows like
an onyx stone, while I
pin silent prayers to a sky
thatched with leafless
limbs, hoping the kittens
rambling within her new
litter might be black.
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Very good - that author got into my head!
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My Hannah is an all black kitty and that touches. Thanks.
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*snaps fingers* *snaps fingers*... Excellent poem!! My Patches is a black kitty and I love her to pieces.
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Black kitties are so sweet. Mine are all adopted strays and lap cats. I'll never forget when a friend in cat rescue told me black cats are still the last to be adopted because people think they are evil. Nothing could be further from the truth! I find them to be very affectionate, but they do need all 9 of their lives, because they do tend to be verrrrry curious.

Many kisses to your black kitties, and I'm glad you all enjoyed the poem!

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I heard the same things about black cats being the last to be adopted - My first black cat was just by chance, the next 3 were specifically by choice.
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Me too! Ten years ago my first black cat adopted me, and then my next 3 black cats have been by choice.

Nice to meet another "collector" of black cats! They are soooo worth it.

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It is too bad that the black cats get a bad rap. My two, Mr Peanut and Houdini, are the sweetest boys and Houdini is momma's baby boy and he knows it. I am fostering a cat who happens to be black and three of her four babies are black. I am getting real attached to the runt! He is tiny and black and already I can see he is going to be a sweetheart. Not sure if Houdini wants to share his title as "momma's baby boy".

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