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Hello From Quartz and Dawn

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Hello Everyone,
Quartz and I have just signed up. We're looking for some advice on getting ready for the move to our new home. We're 6 weeks away from the move, which is only about 10 miles from where we currently live. Quartz is going to be 4 in July and has always been an inside cat. We are going to board her at the Vet's office in a Cat Condo the day of our move so that she doesn't have to be afraid of all the people coming in and out.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the transition as smooth as possible?
You can see pictures of Quartz and my family at

Thanks so much for your help.
Dawn and Quartz
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Hi & Welcome to TCS!!!!
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Welcome to the site!

The only advice I have is to introduce her slowly to the new house. As much as we humans look forward to bigger new spaces, it can be overwhelming to kitty. Choose a room to be her "safe haven" (she'll keep going back to that room whenever she gets spooked or needs to be safe). I've always used our bedroom, since I know the longest period of time that I'm home from work is spent in there while sleeping, and it's a good safe place for them where houseguests would be less likely to intrude on them. Put food, water and litterbox (litterbox well apart from the food and water ) and some toys in there, as well as some good places to hide. Because she WILL hide while she gets used to the smells and sounds of the new place. Under the bed was a popular spot at my house. Or you can take a box, flip it upside down, cut a kitty-sized door in one side, and put familiar blankets with her smell in the bottom. Spend time with her in that room, but don't push her to come out. Just reassure her that you are still there with her. When she's comfortable with that room, you can start opening up more areas to her to explore and make her own.

Hope that helps!
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Hi welcome to the site.
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First welcome to the site. When my husband and I moved we set up a room right away and brought the kitts in and put them in the room with their bed some toys and some of my tshirts and sweat pants that I did not wash so that it had my scent on it and not a freshly cleaned house with all new smells. After everyone had left we opened the door and let them come out in their own time and watched them explore and sniff everything. It was actually quite fun to watch them run around and look at everything. We just let them take their own time to get used to the new enviroment. They actually had more fun than we did as we continue to unpack tearing tissue paper jumping in empty boxes as we worked. They were a little upset when we took all their "new toys" away.
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Hello and welcome!!!!

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Welcome to TCS!
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