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Irritation to Flea Medicine

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Boy do I wish I would have read through these forums sooner. I had a previous thread about my cat Soota and her itching and bald spots. Well, i didn't see signs of fleas but since her vet appointment is still a week away I treated my house for them anyway. Both kitties are indoor animals but it has been a wet spring and I know there is a slight chance of fleas and of Soota having a flea allergy.

So I went to the store and bought Hartz advanced formula. I bought other products for the carpets and furnature. I spent all day yesterday vacuuming, spraying, etc, and then applied the medicine.

At first niether cat showed any adverse reaction. Then when I woke up this morning Shadow my larger cat was really itching the back of his neck and just looked very unhappy with me. There are no visible signs of irritation and he is still eating, but he seemed very uncomfortable. Soota on the otherhand, the one who had the itching problem in the first place was happier then I've seen her in days.

Anyway, I get to work this morning and I started reading threads about Hartz products, freaked out and ran home and washed the parts of my cats where I applied it with nothing but warm water. I couldn't tell if it helped Shadow or not but I'm hoping it does. Soota is still fine and better then ever.

So the whole point to this is there anything safe that I can wash Shadow with to make sure I get most of that stuff off of him? I know it might be too late as it was applied yesterday afternoon, but if I go home tonight and he is still miserable I want to help him in some way.

Oh, and this company should not be allow to sell it's products!!
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Dawn liquid detergent will take the outlying portion off, you don't need much, but by now the stuff has worked underneath the skin and has caused or is causing the damage. I have heard they are working on a safer and better formula- about time is all I can say.
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