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I have had so much trouble with my one cat, Max, playing with his food. He would put his dirty little paws into the dish and scoop food out and then throw it around. It always made its way throughout the entire house and I was vacumming and sweeping 2-3 times a day!

Well my sweet, wonderful husband has figured out a solution!

We took a very large stainless steel bowl and put a small round tupperware bowl in the middle of it. Then we stuffed aluminum foil inside the large bowl so that it completely surrounds the small tupperware container. We keep the small container only filled halfway. And it works!!

That cat is smart but he isn't smart enough this time! Now whenever he tries to scoop food out it falls into the aluminum foil and he can't get it out of there.

He cried for the first two days when he couldn't play with his food and I felt bad but now he actually plays with his toys!

I hope this idea can help someone else.