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yucky eyes

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One of my two liters was a week old yesterday. Their eyes are begining to open more and more. Today when I did the morning inspection one of them has yellow matting in one of her eyes. Any ideas? How do I kep it clean?

Also momma is very mad at me right now! She was an indoor/outdoor cat before babies. She is mad cause I wont let her out. I know she would come back in about an hour but I dont want or need another liter. Any ideas on how to keep her happy?

Thanks Amy
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Engage her in plenty of interactive play, give her lots of interesting toys or diversions to explore, place a "shelf" covered with sherpa or other cozy fabric under a window (that is secure and won't allow her to slip outside) so she can watch the activities outside safely, turn your TV onto Animal Planet or purchase a video of birds or fish so your girl can watch it, get a new cat condo or other climbing sort of "jungle-gym" for her to exercise herself upon. And if she is not a part of a registered, ethical and responsible breeding program, please spay her as soon as your vet feels comfortable.

As for the yucky eyes, just keep bathing them with a warm, damp washcloth to loosen the yuckies until the eyes are completely opened. If you observe runny yellow or green discharge, please have your vet assess and prescribe antibiotic eye ointment.

Best of luck,

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She is getting spayed as soon as possible. When we got her she was already to far along to spay. Thanks for the tips on activities. Also thanks for the eye help
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My vet recommended using Saline Solution for contact lens to clean Squeakers eyes when they were gooped up from Upper Resp Infection
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