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Okay, is it just me or is anyone else suffering from allergies as bad as I am???
It's been horrible this year!! I feel like a zombie with an ugly cold and I look like I've been crying for days. I've been taking Nasonex but just called in for another prescription, Flonase.

What do you guys take? Maybe there's something better out there. I just find them to make me soooo sleepy! UGH!!!!

I think I can finally use this smiley....::censor::censor::censor:: on allergies!!!
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I take a combination of flonase and zyrtec and it works for me.
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Thanks...just picked up my Flonase...hopefully it will work! I'm tired of sitting inside with all the windows shut!!!
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I don't have very bad allergies, but when they flare up I take Claritin which is available over the counter. Generic is loratidine. It lasts 24 hours. Check with your doc to see if its ok with the inhaler.

Good luck!
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I'm with you...I can't get rid of the slepyness, headaches, drips, or stinks....
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My eyes are swollen shut and I can't smell! Do you guys get tired too? I was so out of it today.

I will check out the Claritin if the Flonase doesn't help.

Ugh, those are my eyes when I step outside!
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I take Clarinex and Singulair. Thank God for patient assistance programs! They are pretty pricey. The Singulair is great because it controls my asthma plus fights seasonal allergies. I'm still stuffed up, but I can breathe out of my nose most of the time and I use a box of kleenex every two weeks rather than every few days. My eyes still itch like crazy though!
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Allergies have been really bad this year for everyone I know. I went to the ER yesterday after 3 weeks of symptoms, and I could not catch my breath. Apparently if you do not do something to clear out your sinuses, it can turn into an infection. The ER doc said if I start having symptoms again, I should take Sudafed to clear out the stuffiness so it will not accumulate. I had to get antibiotics and prescription cough syrup.
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every single year I get really really sick once or twice for about five days. Usually this is when the pollen all starts to come out :P YOU think you feel bad? Lets see on monday I had a 102 fever, my nose was constantly stuffed up, both of my ears hurt badly (sinuses draining) my throat was so sore I couldnt talk, and to top it off I have this uncontrollable coughing that comes from deep in the bottom of my lungs and I can feel my chest rattle when I breathe :P OK this is normal once or twice a year stuff for me! xD It stinks but in a few days it will go away... unless the coughing turns into bronchitis.. not only taht but for the rest of the year whenever I cough it wont be a clear cough but one of the rattling coughs which is a sign of something thats not all taht good :P Im just hoping i dont contract bronchitis.. :P Not coughing anything up yet, and I HAVENT THROWN UP!! Thats the highlight of my past five days :P havent thrown up xD I cannot take that nose medicine! It makes my throat so red and sore that I just feel like crying. I sat down on my favroite recliner that is a bit beat up, and accidentally sliced my middle finger on a peice of metal sticking out of it.. I wanted to just crawl off and die somewhere right about then :P I feel like death, and I know crying wont make me feel better so thats the only reason I havent done it by now.. not only taht but I asked my mom which pills I should take ( we have like 5 diff kinds) and my mom told me to take the little red ones and I was thinking.. well the pink ones will help me sleep but if the red ones will cure my coughing more ill take them instead.. and then she tells me AFTER I TAKE THE PILLS taht it was the pink ones I should have taken, and to top it off, the red ones wont even help with my coughing at all! All it does is relieve runny/stuffy noses which I dont have anymroe (going on day 5 here with the sickness)O_O WE HAVE NO OTHER MEDICINE IN THE HOUSE!! Except maybe a 6 year old bottle of throat spray which my mom was like "You can use that" and im like mom its been opened for like 6 years" and she refuses to get anything else for some reason... O_O NOT ONLY THAT but I have about 6 days until I graduate, I have to finish this four by two landscape for horticulture, do the last part of this Book called Rosaura A las diez for spanish five which consists of a summary in spanish and english for both of the last parts, plus reviews, I have a 10 page econoomy paper due friday which I havent started yet because ive been so sick, ive got to go outside and do something for the environment ( im going to clean up a road and document it) for the final for environmental science, ive got a 10 page review packet for spanish on top of that, three papers and three worksheets due for english (that are not homework I forgot to do, but stuff we have to do in 4 days) and I have to finish 5 more lessons in keyboarding II before I can be done with it all.. besides that I havent given the guidance office the money to send in the application to the college I want to go to yet, I forgot to send in the financial help forms so Im getting nothing, I dont know what I want to do out of college, ive to no car, no money, and my mom keeps talking like she expects me to move out the day after I graduate O_O AND I JUST KNOW IM GOING TO STUB MY TOE IN THE MORNING because it has just been one of those weeks O_O But I get my yearbook tommorrow... and two days this week or next we get to have a pizza/ ice cream party in Horticulture because the plants we helped raise in teh greenhouse go towards paying for thigns the ag teachers need to teach. O_O OMG I AM SO RANTING!!!!! O_O Sorry for taht but I am extremely miserable and now I wont be able to sleep because I cant mix the pills and Ill have to wait until 1 am in order to take the pink pills and then it will be a half hour to an hour before THE PINK PILLS kick in O_O Woo feel free to smack me with some random virtual object if anyone feels like it :P

I hope you feel better too and that you dont contract some sort of throat disease from using that nasty nose spray Im sorrry but I believe the only things that shoudl go up and out a persons nose is 1.Air 2. Boogers 3. An occasional finger or two (joking ha :P)

O_O but at least my eyes arent swollen. no matter how bad my allergies are it never affects my eyes.. and aI cant blow my nose either because every time I try my ears pop painfully or I can feel air going up that little tunnel from your nose to your tear duct in your eye and it hurts so much so i have to pinch my nose and plug my ears with one and a half hands and somehow manage to put the kleenex up to my nose and blow.. and of course nothing comes out but as soona sI sneeze theres MESS EVERYWHERE AND OMG ITS SO STICKY O_O heh I know I am being gross sorry . *bangs head against the wall* I have no energy to do ANYTHINg O_O i wonder if my teachers will understand and maybe give me till monday....
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I have found that the Zyrtec is all that works for me.. Being as expensive as it is, i was forced to get some from other countries, but got a six month supply and now I can take it regularly. I found that if I take it right before bed, I sleep great and am not tired the next day. I haven't been bothered much this year since I've been able to take it full time. I have tried claritin (when it was prescription), singulair, flonase, nasonex, rhinocort, benedril, clarinex, and none of it helped. Most of the nasel spray's made me feel just horrible. Like, what I can only assumeto feel like, I've been snorting drugs. Good luck, I hope you figure it out and feel better soon!!!!!

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Have you ever had your sinuses drained? I have to get mine done every 4-5 years.

With your eyes swollen shut, it sounds to me like your sinuses are draining through your eyes. I know it sounds gross but it has happened to me before. I woke up one morning freaking out because I could not open my eyes. I had to get warm water and just wipe and wipe until I could open them. The doctor told me that that was what is was.

He drained my sinuses and I've been good to go as long as I have it done again within 4 years. I admit, it's not the most comfortable thing to have done but I'm telling you, within 15 min. of having it done, I felt 90% better and 100% by the next day!

I hope you feel better soon!
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Aerius for me, at least in the spring. In the fall my allergies attack Then I go to prescription.

No matter what though, a doctor is the best way to go~
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would plugging up your nose with a peg for the rest of spring work??
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HAHA! No, no plugging action needed here. lol!

I called my doc yesterday and he prescribed Flonase and let me tell you, I feel SO MUCH BETTER TODAY!!! Actually, going home, shutting all the windows and laying down for a while helped also. But I used the Flonase again today and it's a miracle...I CAN SEE AND SMELL AGAIN! No headache either!

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My husband is also completely allergic to our 4 cats. We use O*ZONELite- its an air purifying light bulb - it works on the cat odors as well as his allergies. We've been using the bulbs for over a year and they have worked for us - even people with bad allergies come over and they are fine. Try them - it will help with your allergies -
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