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Originally Posted by ugaimes
These are such great shots! Kelly, I LOVE the pics of Sui- she is such a cute baby (and I love Oscar's grey coloring!)
Here are mine....all they ever do is playfight....of course, I'm not complaining
Ah, let the fight begin....

Aren't I cute with my little sister pegged down underneath me??

Amy, Eponine and Cosette are just TOO precious. I'd love to see them play fighting with their big ole floofy tails whippin' around everywhere I'll bet pretty soon Cosette will be getting the best of Eppie every time. She's a feisty one!
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Originally Posted by laureen227
Thanks! i got some fake kitties for my babies, too - but Cable was always very aggressive & alpha, so she didn't need the practice. she enjoyed beating them up, tho!
Cable attacking Tux, the stuffed version of Pixel!

Those pics are too cute I love her collar in the first pic, it's so pretty! From the looks of the first pics, it looks like "fake Pixel" taught Cable very well!!!
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Great pics everyone!
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Funny... Elle is attacking my foot right now! OWWWW! YEEEOWWWWWWW!!!

Greats pics all! OWWWW!
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They're all great pics!!!
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