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Another hairball question

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Snowball has a hard time tolerating being groomed for more than a few minutes at a time. I am never able to remove all of the loose fur, and he sometimes develops hairballs as a result. Lately, I have been noticing that he sometimes goes for a couple of days in a row without having any bowel movements. If I give him some Laxatone it does help. Is it possible that a small blockage has developed, and should I be concerned enough to take him to the vet? Snowball is eating and drinking normally and seems fine otherwise.
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If you notice that she has lots of hairballs then I would just put her on a regular schedule of laxatone. You can also put extra fish oil on the food. Usually if there's a block, they will stop eating, sleep alot, and generally act as if they are sick.
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I just read your post and I hope Snowball is doing better. Our long haired Buzzy Boy had a hairball that had to be surgically removed. He would go to his bowl,eat,walk a few steps and vomit !! This went on for 1 day because he was totally fine as long as he did not eat. I took him to the vet and the x-rays showed the hairball (Doc showed it to me). They kept him there overnight and tried to get him to vomit it out(how I do not want to know) but it did not work,so he had to have it removed by surgery. He also HATES to be brushed so I purchased a grooming glove. Now as I run the glove over his body and get tons of hair I have fooled him into thinking that he is getting petted!!! I also give him pounce hairball treats and occasionally he will take a lick from the tube of hairball treatment. Hope your cat is now doing fine.......
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