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Brendan and I could really use some vibes!!! - Page 2

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You have got my crews prays headed your way that Hida continues to improve and feels better.

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Thanks so much for all of the encouragement you guys!! Make sure to give all of your kitties scritches in return for their sweet headbutts, purrs, and words of encouragement (thank you Cosette!). Fingers crossed for Hida's continued improvement!
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From all of us to all of you

Stay strong Hida and get well soon.

Brendan and Katherine keep it up! Let me know if I can help in any way since I am so close

Mary (your quasy neighbour)
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Thank you Mary, that's very kind of you. If I think there's anything you may be able to help with, I'll absolutely let you know. We've been taking her to East Orange Animal Hospital over near the intersection of Colonial and Alafaya and they've been about as kind as one can be so far. Thank you again for your kind offer and well wishes.
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I'm so happy to see that update!

Sounds like your quick action in taking Hida to the vet for treatment may have nipped a serious situation in the bud. :bightumb:
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Yay!!! Hows she doing tonight??
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Last I saw her was at about 4:30 this afternoon and she was doing great. Running around, jumping on and attacking everything, and purring her little fool head off. Things are still going well, but we're still trying to be cautious about our excitement. We're thrilled with her turnaround so far though.

TCS vibes rock.
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It sounds like Hida is doing much better. Kittens can be quite resilient little creatures. All the best to the three of you.
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I am still sending warm calm vibes with healing prayers to Hida. You keep getting stronger sweet little furbaby.
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
As soon as I talk to Brendan this morning I'll be sure to give you another update Amy.

Poor Brendan though has just been having the worst week! First this whole Hida thing, then he gets a $180 ticket last night on his way to work! SHEESH!
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Look forward to hearing some more good news!
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You guys want good news, well you got it! According to Brendan, Hida was "acting like a nutcase" this morning running wild and just being a typical playful kitten. He's been continuing her medication just as directed and it appears to really be working. I'm starting to feel less cautious about my relief now as I find it hard to imagine that she would be continuing to feel so great if the situation were as serious as the vet originally thought. Things are looking up! You guys are all so great for all of your wonderful vibes and prayers! Thank you so much, we don't know where Hida would be without you all. If anything changes I'll be sure to post again and let you guys know.
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YAY!!! I am so excited that little Hida is doing so well!!!
Thanks for the update!
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Oh, I am so glad that Hida is taking well to the meds! You must be so relieved that she is able to be her playful self!

Sending more healing }}}VIBES{{{ for Hida to get back to full health!

You and Brendan are doing a great job!
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this is good to hear, and omg congratulations to Brendan for getting a kitten!
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Thanks so much you guys!! We've been trying so hard to make sure we do everything right for her. It was really scary there for a bit, but it's now been a full 5 days and she's still as active as when I first updated on her improvement! You guys have been so wonderful through all of the stress!!!
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That is great news. I will keep Hida in my thoughts & pray that she remains a furry "nutcase."
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I'm glad to hear things are turning around. I hope things just get better and better!
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