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Brendan and I could really use some vibes!!!

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Well, Brendan called me this morning at 9 am saying he thought there was something wrong with his new kitten. I asked him what she was doing and apparently she had been howling for about an hour and had thrown up twice. I looked up her vet info and let him call and make an appointment. Little Hida has an appointment for 10:30 this morning and I'll be the one taking her (I told Brendan to go to class as usual and just make sure I had access to the kitten so I could come and get her). I'm hoping it's not anything serious, after all she had just been to the vet one week ago for her first vet visit. But of course it just makes us both very nervous. Poor Brendan was sounding so upset on the phone. The only thing that had been wrong with her from the last vet visit was that she had ear mites, and Brendan had been treating that properly ever since. So please, if you have any to spare, send some of those magic board vibes you all have! We really want Hida to be ok and to perhaps have just had an upset tummy!

Thanks guys. We really appreciate it.
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Oh no! Little Hida is definitely in my thoughts! Let us know how she fares!
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Thanks Kellye! I'll definitely let you guys know how she is. I'm about to leave to go pick her up now. Keep sending those vibes guys!!!!!!
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Sending tonnes of good }}}VIBES{{{ your way and to little Hida! I hope that everything goes well and it's just a bit of an uspet tummy!

Let us know how everything goes! I'll be thinking of you all!
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*sending megavibes* i hope she is okay!
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Aww Katherine i'm sure it's something that can easily be put right, but i'm still sending some (((((GET WELL))))) vibes for her
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Oh poor kitten. I hope she's okay. Maybe she ate something by accident? The things they find on floors... Let us know what happened. Its a good thing it is his kitten now... you two take great care of your cats.
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Poor little baby! I'm so glad she's got two people who will do the right thing and take her straight in to the vet.

I'll move this to H&N. Please keep us updated!
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Oh chica,
Little Hida is in my thoughts and prayers right now. Sending mega vibes her way!!! {{{{{}}}}} A lot of kitties coming out of animal shelters leave with URIs, so hopefully that's all this is. Fingers crossed and vibes going to Hida!!! Keep us updated please!
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Aw Katherine, I'm sending vibes and hugs your way! I'm praying that she's gonna be alright! I hope it just an upset tummy or something silly. Keep us updated!!
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That´s a bad new...I´m so sorry to heard that Kath, receive my best wishes to her and sending ((((((good vibes))))))) to soon recovery....
Please keep us updated...
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Oh , I hope she is O.K.!!!
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Oh the poor baby! Sending lots of good health vibes her way! I do hope it's nothing serious.
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Well I just got back from the vet a few minutes ago. It didn't go so well. They ended up doing a radiograph on her as well as some bloodwork and it looks like she's having a problem with her kidney's. The vet gave us medicine and food in case it's a urinary tract infection, but it was obvious that that is not what she thinks it is likely to be. If the medicine doesn't work in a day or two the prospects are pretty grim. Please keep sending us super TCS vibes. We really, really need it to just be a urinary tract infection. Thanks for all of your support already! It really means a lot to us. I'll let you all know how things end up.
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Oh noo! Hida is still in my thoughts!
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Oh no! I really hope it is just an infection poor baby!
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Prayers, good vibes & good thoughts going out to Hilda!!!!
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Oh sweet Hida...please be OK little furbaby.
Dexter, Sadie & I have you in our thoughts & prayers.
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Oh Hida. Meish sends head buts. Get better little kitty!!!
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THank you so mcuh everyone! Again, we really appreciate the continued support for her!! I'll keep you all updated!
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Aww i really really hope shes ok! especially after all youve gone through to get her! ill be keeping her in my thoughts honey!!
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Little Hida get well soon! You and Brendan are full of love, Kat, and she's just got to feel that.
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I just said a prayer for Hida, I hope she feels better.
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You guys really are the best. It makes me feel so good knowing you guys are all here for her and for us. Thank you all so much. Eddie, thank you for saying such a sweet thing in your comment. It was truly very nice of you.

We're waiting to see what she's like in the morning. Still hoping for just a UTI.
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Kat, I'm praying for the best and I have my fingers crossed!!
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Ok so I've got a bit of an update. Like I said, yesterday at the vet we decided to try the UTI medication in hopes she would be the small percentage of kittens that young who get one. They gave her a shot to calm her stomach and gave us some antibiotics to give to her as well as some special food to help with it. As soon as I got her back to Brendan's house I gave her both her antibiotic and switched her to her new food. Little Hida was understandably tuckered out from her stressful morning and fell asleep on top of my sandals. A little bit later Brendan and I left to swing by my place (mind you, I left with no shoes as I didn't want to wake Hida lol) and when we came back Hida was in a total playful mood! She played (and played HARD) for probably about an hour. She was even letting us touch her side (where the doctor could not touch without her screaming in pain). Of course this made both Brendan and I happy, but we remained cautious as we didn't want to get our hopes up and have the problem not be solved. So, as the vet had said, if she's not better by late Thursday or Friday then it's not a UTI. SHe told us that if it was a bigger problem she would become more lethargic and eventually would want to do nothing but sleep. When I left little Hida was curling herself up between Brendan's legs for the night. I called Brendan as soon as I woke up this morning to see how she was doing. Apparently when he woke up she was curled up tight in his armpit, and once she woke she started into a massive play session again. Brendan called the vet to get their opinion of the situation and according to the vet we should be "cautiously optimistic." He mentioned that he was surprised that she had made such a turn around yesterday and that we might have "dodged the bullet on this one." Of course he said to monitor her because we're not in the clear yet. He also recommended that if she continued to do well we take her in for another of the same shot they gave to her yesterday. Brendan agreed and also added that if she keeps doing well he'll take her in for more bloodwork to check her levels (a couple of things had been "high normal" yesterday). So, we're excited, but still trying not to be too excited. I'm really hoping that we did in fact come out of this without anything serious, but I'm certainly not letting my guard down!

I'm going to ask for continued vibes, because I have no doubt that it's TCS vibes and the prayers from our friends that have gotten her this far! Thank you all so much for what you've done already. It means the world to us.

(Sorry it's long, I just wanted to give you guys a full update.)
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That is really great Katherine. I hope Hida is okay in the end. She might just be a special care kitty. Its great that she was playful and feeling a little better. Brendan sounds like a good kitty dad. More vibes for Hida. HB's from Meishka.
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I'm glad things are cautiously looking up for Hida . My continued prayers, thoughts, and vibes coming y'alls way!!! Cosette and Eponine send warm purrs and head butts their way! Cosette says to tell Hida "Mew mew meoooooooow maw maw purr meow" and that she'll know what that means
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YAY!!! I am so glad that she is acting better! I pray that she stays better, too!!!

You guys are angels for taking such good care of her!!!
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I'm not going to tempt fate by doing all the happy siggies i would normally do on hearing good news, but i'll just do a small one
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