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Three of the ferals I care for are missing.

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Three of the five ferals that I care for are missing, I almost had one that I could touch and then last week they were just gone. I dont know what could have happened to them. They were always there to meet me for food in the evenings. Its been almost a week since I have seen them, hopefully they are just out on a adventure and will return. I'm not sure if something scared them away but I would think they would come for food and it doesnt look like they are. I go and check early in the mornings and then later at night sometimes and still no kittys. I could see someone maybe catching one of them but not three. I have looked all over the area, any place I thought a cat might be. Please send them some good vibes. I just hope they are safe.
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How scary for you...let's hope they are just out having an adventure...or that they have found someone else to get food from...and will return to you soon.

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Oh, Malynn, I hope that they return home soon! I care for a colony of ferals and I am always nervous when I don't see one of them so I know how you feel!
I am sending good vibes that they are there next time you check!

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Are they fixed and ear tipped? Is anyone in your area trapping right now?

Sending positive come home vibes to your babies!!
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Oh goodness, I really hope the little ones come back soon, or at least that they are safe somewhere!!!

Sending come-home-soon vibes!!! Please keep us updated!!!
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This evening I went to feed my guys and one of the three is back! I'm glad she is ok. She was really hungry and she hissed at me, she usually doesnt. I think maybe something has scared them there and she and the other 2 took off or something. I will have to go back in the morning and see if the others are back too. I had her spayed and released her back about 2 months or so ago and she was the one that was getting used to me, hopefully she will get back to her old self. She is a tortie and she has lots of attitude. She is so funny to watch, she's kind of bossy. The other two are males, young males that I havent had neutered yet. I was trying to get all the females done and then start on the males. Maybe they are out roaming about. I do hope they are ok though. I have a friend that helps me feed them and she comes by everyday too to check on them. I'm glad that the girl is back though at least.
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Well, it is that time of the year....so perhaps the guys have gone out to try to sow their oats. I do hope they return so they can be TNRed.

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Yeah, I plan on getting them done soon, I just got a little female done about 2 weeks ago. It costs me about 110.00 each to get them done, and thats at a discount. I have done about one or 2 a month for the last couple of months. My vet is really good about giving me a discount and then she put me on the state program where I can get one a month done for half price. I'm so glad I found the vet I have now, she is a cat only vet and is so wonderful and helps me out alot with discounts. I got one done for free in April with one of her spay day certificates. I have one more female to go, I tried for months to get her and she will have nothing to do with the trap. She had her kittens on Mothers Day and my friend and I will get the kittens when they are old enough and try to catch Mom again. Hopefully she didnt have too many. I know finding homes for kittens is so hard this time of year.
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you are a wonderful person and are doing a fantastic job!!! Please keep us updated!!!
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