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Momma Urgently Needs Board Magic......

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Hi everybody,

Momma needs all the board magic she can get right now. Yesterday I got a call from my brother, Spideycat, who told me to come and convience Mom she needed medical attention.

When I got to Mom's house, Mom was very cold, pale and not breathing. Somehow and I am still not sure how I got her breathing. I am sorry it is all like a fog in my head right now. Mom was taken to the ER in an ambulance. I had been trying to get her to go for over a week now to the doctor, but alais she is as stubborn as her daughter, wonder which one that would be

Mom has been diagonesed with gall stones that have blocked her pancreas? and her liver. She is not doing well and will need surgery to correct this. Can we get some of the good ole Board Magic vibes for her please??

Thanks everyone, I will keep you updated when I can on how she is doing
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Oh dear, Cathi! It's such a good thing you arrived when you did to rush your Momma to the ER! I am absolultely praying for your Momma as well as you and your family! Please do keep us updated when you are able. Please feel better, Momma!
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Get well soon momma...... !

Sending some magic over!
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Oh NO! She must be in so much pain..

Best wishes to your mum & here's to a speedy recovery..
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*sending mega vibes for recovery*
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Cathi, I hope everything goes well in surgery - gall stones are horrible little blighters - my grandad had them and his had to be removed too. It's a good thing you and your brother were in time to get her away to hospital! Sending some mega "get well" vibes your way - do you think she'll learn from this experience?
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Oh Cathi, i've been told their painful things those gall stones! but at least they'll get her sorted out now.

Sending her (((((mega healing vibes)))))
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I hope she will get better soon!!!
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oh Cathi, I am so sorry to hear about this - please know that I am sending lots and lots of get well soon vibes from across the ocean

chin up and let us know an update when you can
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Sending get well wishes to your Mom.
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Sending LOTS of good vibes your way...hang in there.
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I'm so sorry Cathi. Sending a hug and tons of get-well vibes your mother's way.
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Many get well vibes coming to Momma.
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Dear Cathi... you´re in my thougths....Many good wishes and good vibes to Momma today from me!... don´t give it up
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Your mum is definitely in my thoughts! Hang in there!
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Sending get well prayers your way. I hope that your Mom is feeling better soon!
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Cathi! Sending super healthy vibes your way and praying your mom gets better real soon!!!
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Get well soon, Cathi's Momma! Prayers for her full recovery. I'll be checking in for updates!
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Sending positive, healing thoughts your Mom's way.
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Thank you all for the well wishes for Mom Right now she is stable and on the pump for her pain meds and Iv's. She can't have anything to eat or drink because it makes her so sick to her stomache. It is awful to see her moaning in so much pain and knowing that we can't do anything to help take it away for her.

All of us kids have been up there off and on all day today just so we can keep an eye on her. Mom told us all to go home tonight so we could rest and of course we all gave our phone numbers to her nurse so they can call us if she needs for us to get there quickly. Get well soon Momma We all love you

To top off this day, this maybe kind of long, sorry to anyone who isn't up to reading a lot tonight. I am one that when I am stressed out I grind my teeth at night. Well since yesterday was a very stressful day I was grinding away on my teeth pretty hard. I broke one of my teeth off into the gum. When I went to the dentist to see what can be done about it this afternoon, he had to refer me to a oral surgeon to remove this broke off tooth. It seems also that I have an abcess already in the broke tooth and will have to take antibotics before having the tooth removed. Gee isn't this fun???? So on June 1st I wll have to go and see when he will do the surgery. But wait....there's more.... things are just getting started for the day.

When I got home this afternoon I had a note on my door from the Humane Society. They are wanting to talk with me about my dogs. I have no idea as to what is wrong, but I will find out first thing in the morning when I give them a call to see. What else can happen today????? Nothing I hope just
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I hope your Mom will get better soon!
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Sending healing vibes to you mom and calming vibes to you.
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Mom will be operated on in the morning. The surgeon said there is no choice but to remove her gall bladder. If you don't mind we could still use some more prayers for her.

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Cathi, I am praying for her and for you right now, hang in there and let us know how it goes. Hugs.
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Cathi, I'm so sorry to hear about all these bad things. I'm sending healing vibes and saying prayers for your Mom's speedy recovery and your dental health. I'm also hoping that the news from the humane society is not bad. Hang in there. Everything will be ok.
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Cathi, I really don't know how I missed this thread with being on here more often. I hadn't talked to you about SammyCat in the last two days so I've been thinking bout you! I really hope your mother will continue down a healthy and good path. She will be in my prayers day and night!
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