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No Meow but....

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Well when I first took my kitten to the vet, the doctor told me, not to worry that Sabre will find his voice soon enough. Well its been a long time, and I guess he only meows when he is stuck in a closet, or if i am sleeping and he wants something.... my girlfriend has Sabre's twin sister, and she meows allllll the time... for everything... Sabre how ever makes a sort of, chortling sound, for most things. I just wanted to know ur guys opinions.
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I think that it is normal for cats not to meow. I have 4 cats and only 1 can really meow and boy does he! The others just sort of squeak a littel bit. I wouldn't worry about it at all!
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Our daughter's cat, Mika, (Bijou's younger sister) was the runt of the litter and has not grown to be a very big cat.

She has a birth defect - her vocal "hardware" is in the shape of a "V" rather than a "U" (or vice-versa - I can't remember offhand which) and thus she cannot speak. Well, she can make sounds like little "chuffing" sounds but she does not meow. She can screech a bit if Bijou gets too rough in playing with her, but she will never meow. For a Siamese this is not a bad thing - LOL.

The latest litter from the same breeder has a little flame point fellow who is also the runt of the litter and has the same defect. There is nothing physically wrong with them other than their voices.

I believe Mika eats more than Bijou and she's just over 4 lbs and Bijou is almost 16 lbs. She's a healthy little thing.

Maybe your cat has a similar situation.
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cool! I was making sure, didnt wanna just blow it off, and it end up being a problem. He seems healthy and all, just wanted to be sure. When I go over to my girlfriends house and here his sister meow for every little thing, makes me appreciate the little sounds he makes to get attention.
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When i found my lucky she didn't meow either...she would open her mouth like she was. I used to say she was set on mute. She's fixed that problem and now talks all the time to herself, to her playmates, to the birds outside and to me if i make the mistake of being asleep when she wants something! If only i could find that mute button again!!!
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my cats are all Talk talk talk talk O_O Its gotten so i can distinguish what they want. If they arent in the room with me and they go Mreow? Or Meow Reow? I know they are wanting me to call to them. My Aerowyn does this "Eow? Eau eaw eao? " type thing when she wants me to pet her :P Tis cute thoug h sometimes you do wish they would just be quiet :P They arent siamese either, just regluar DSH :P You could always get your cat a collar with a bell if you are worried he is being too quiet? Some cats are just naturally quieter :P though you could always find a talkative cat and bring it into the household and most likely the one you have would start talking. :P they both meow loudly and chirp and stuff to get my attention. Tis cute.
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mine "meows" but no sound comes, except rarely.
i never knew this was a condition - learned something here today.
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Sabre use to open his mouth like he was meowing, only to let nothing out... But now he just doesnt lol. Well weridly enough, I was walking out of my parents room and he was walking by the door, and he just let out a meow... lmao maybe it was stuck lol, IDK he just kept walking, didnt stop and look or anything. Weird stuff
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My oldest cat also opens her mouth to meow, with nothing coming out. Sometimes she can meow. I think my first cat actually taught her how to meow, if that makes sense. She does squeek sometimes.
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Mooch will meow when she is real upset about something. But most of the time I see her mouth open but she doesn't make a sound.
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