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Hey everyone.
It has been a while since I have posted a pic of my little brave boy who overcame his sickness with COCCIDIA.
He is now 2 weeks after his sickness and is getting fatter and healthier and happier!!
Here is a pic of Garfield sleeping under daddys hat.

P.S. .. I will post pics of my new 7 kitty cats soon!!
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Oh bless his heart!!! I hope he continues to get better!
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Originally Posted by Luvmysphynx
Oh bless his heart!!! I hope he continues to get better!
my words exactly!!! what a brave and adorable boy

thankyou for sharing - I love ginger boys
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Bless him I havent read his story yet, but i hope he continues to get well

He looks so cosy under that cap!, Ssshhhh
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What a little darling!! Looks like my Tiggy!
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Oh bless that little bundle under the cap! I am glad that he is a lot better now, I am sure he will get stronger by the day!
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What a gorgeous kitty!
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Thank you everyone for your sweet words!!!

I am so glad (now) that I went to that store that day and bought him.
He was so sick and I didnt even know it until I got home.
The vet said he had the "worst case of coccidia he has ever seen". He even let me see the slide. It was covered with eggs from one end to the other!!! he was pooping blood for 2 weeks. But he is now a normal, healthy, VERY PLAYFUL, kitten.
Whom I would not trade for the world!!
He has brought much happiness to us.
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He's still adorable and still fluffy! I am so glad to hear he is doing so much better!
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Very sweet
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oh my. I am in love. What a cutie.
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Oh the kitten fluff! How i miss it so! (sigh)
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yall are too sweet!!!!!!
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precious...just precious!!! glad to hear he's all better!!
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What a sweet little sleepy face!
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He is precious, I'm glad he's feeling better.
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