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senile cat

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My 13 year old dsh, Fred has begun to get a little senile. He also suffered a head injury several years ago. His vet says he is healthy for a cat his age, just a little senile. He is the sweetest kitty ever and I want to be able to care for him properly. Does anyone have any experience with elderly cats? He was a yellow tabby when he was young, but now he is almost white. Sometimes he will sit for long periods and just grin. It is so cute. :confused3
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My oldest kitty Baby is 16 years old. He does this same thing too! ?Sometimes, he will just be walking along and then stop and stare off into space like he forgot what he wanted to do! I make sure he has a soft place to lay down that is just his and make sure that he has any food that he wants! Lots of treats from the table!
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When cats get old, it is alot like humans. Everything seems to ache and you don't see as well or hear as well. Usually they adjust and just enjoy thier golden years. Alot of people who have older cats what have a hard time jumping will buy the ramps to they walk instead of jump to thier favorite spots
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Just was wondering how Fred is getting along?
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Fred is doing very well. He has slowed down a little and sleeps a little more, but he is pretty healthy for an old fellow. He loves having the heater on. He sleeps in front it of when he isn't cuddled up to me. He plays with the other 3 cats and is still very much the head of the feline family.
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This sound alot like me. I have an 8 year old cat that kinda does the samething. She sits in the bathtub and stares at the wall. She will do this for the longest time. She may have a little brain damage from when she was younger. Anytime she seen me go near the dining room she would run and jump on the table and then jump into the window (now it was closed). She thought I was/or had opened it (it was her favorite place to sit in the summer).
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KK - I am glad that Fred is doing OK!
Missy - your babe sure is persistant about that window!
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