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Cat's with bad habits?

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my eldest kitty, bonnie, has always had a really bad habit, it has gotten better but she still does it a bit. she used to lick her foot for over an hour until it was practically dripping she would also chew and bite it all the time.

she still licks it longer than it needs to be and bites her toes but she doesn't do it for an hour anymore, thank goodness.

does anyone else have a cat with a funny habit?


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Most cats seem to have at least one quirky habit, at least the ones I've known have done. At present I have one cat who drinks by dipping her paw in the water bowl, then licking the water off her paw, and another cat who spends quite a lot of time chasing her tail, among other things!

They really are an endless source of amusement aren't they?

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I had a Bombay once that would eat her own wet food in a normal fashion, but if she was stealing wet food from the other cats, she'd use her paw and scoop it up and eat it.
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O_O My cat does something weird but only when I do something weird first... I dont know why but when he was a kitten and I was playing with him I would clench my teeth and breathe in and out really fast and make my eyes bug out a bit and then chase and play with him. Today when I do that (which is often because he enjoys it ) He will look at me with his eyes open wide and his ears back and start "scratching" whatever might be near (he has no front claws so he cant really scratch) I cant hold him when I do this because he will smack me in the face and once he bit my nose :P He isnt scared when I do this he just pretends like he is :P Basically what ever he is doing he will start doing extremely fast, like if he was licking himself and I do this he will lick himself faster and faster and then "scratch" something and maybe turn and gallop around the house (Tail up in the air ect) :P its really cute. If you've ever seen yoru cat pretend to be afraid of you, its really cute :P
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