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Elle is holding her head straight! YAY! On Friday, she started some antibiotics for her Vestibular Disease. The vet didn't think that the prognosis was good for her to rid of it, because she was born with it. See, if it is a peripheral infection, in the outer ears, it can be healed with antibiotics, but if it's cerebular infection, it can not be healed with antibiotics, and it's up to the body to see if it heals. The vet didn't think it was peripheral, but he wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, and gave her some antibiotics and vitamins. Elle is now holding her head straight, playing, and getting better. Hopefully this means that it IS peripheral, and that these antibiotics will heal it up. But, please, keep on praying for her.

What Vestibular Disease is a disease that affects the equilibrium in the ears. The vet told me that she feels like she's on a boat in the middle of a violent storm, and the boat won't quit swaying, which is why she rolled when she was younger, circles, falls, has trouble walking, and other stuff when she's older.