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Do cats eat their young?

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We have a bit of an emergency here at our house. Our cat just gave birth to a little of five kittens on the 10th. This afternoon, I got home from work to find only four. After tearing the house apart, we have yet to find the little one.

What I DID notice, however, is a bit of a mess in the corner of the room. This may be WAY out there, but do new mothers ever eat their young? It's the only explanation I can think of.

Thanks for the help, everybody!
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Yes they do, young cats (under a year old) that are allowed to get pregnant often become overwhelmed by so many kittens suddenly appearing and can start destroying them. Also, if the kitten is sick, the mother will take it far from the nest, if that option isn't open for her- if she is in an enclosed space and can't get out, she will devour the kitten so the healthy kittens can have her milk. It is sad, but it does happen. If you have an intact male, he may also kill a kitten to bring the mom into heat again so he can mate. But toms shake baby kittens to death, they rarely eat them.
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I've heard (not sure if it's true, but it makes sense to me) that animals sometimes eat their sick or dead young to prevent predators from finding the rest of the litter.
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Yes, mamacats will definitely kill and eat their own kittens.

As explained, juvenile mamacats might do it because they were overwhelmed and not ready to be mothers. If that is the case, she might eventually kill off the other four for the same reason.

Older/wiser mamacats will intentionally remove sickly kittens due to survival instincts and needing to protect the stronger kittens. In this instance, it is more of a "survival of the fittest" mindset and any healthy kittens will be well-cared for.
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 My 4 yr  old cat had a litter of four four days ago. when I got home this evening the runt had died. There was his front leg bitten off and was still quite warm. Mama was lickin baby but could she have tried eating it? The reason I think this is because she had four two died after delivery and then she had this black one she walked away and I brought her back to kitten and it survived up to last night. She also had one more kitten after that one and it is healthy and growing. I got a kitten a mnth  ago and pepper the mom adopted it could it of been the bigger kitten? Shes about @.5 mnths old. Need some insight!! thanks

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Jessie Ann, Im sorry, I myself dont really understand what you write.  I can probably guess, but please, try and rewrite. Slowly and more clearly.   


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StefanZ jessie ann post was missed post. I think she thought all posts go into one reply and not post to post when posting.
Jessie sounds like your cat at the age of 5 months old was not ready to be a mom and flipped out and killed her babies.
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Yes they can and will if they instinctively sense an illness or something is wrong with the Kitten.

Or the mother cat is in fear of Danger.

Take kittens from her and check if they have a breathing problem.

This is a Virus and it will kill them.

Sometimes you can give them ParDu Arco Tea and this will cure it.

But must do it Fast. Give Bottle feed Goats milk,be careful not to aspirate.

Hold downward and let it drink slow. 

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sadly yes that is what happend with the cat at my moms work the mom ATE THEM inside and out :( i was crying you might want to feed the kittens botteld milk and keep them away from their mothers

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