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Help! Worms!

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Well, I got my kitties home(yay!), but one of them (at least) has worms really badly. He doesn't want to eat, and has been throwing up white, foamy stuff. He was given a pill at the vet's about 3 hous ago, but has thrown up part of it.
He doesn't want to eat or drink. I know he must feel awful, but what can I give him that will ensure he at least eats SOMETHING?
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Ok..first things first. Gently grab the kitty by the scruff, if it stays standing up, hes dehydrated. Check his gums too, they should be pink, not whitish pink. You might want to see if hes running a fever, take his temperature (rectally), it should be 100 to 103 .

If he is dehydrated, Go to the store and get some Pedialyte. Feed the kitty a syringe full every two hours. Worm pills are pure poison and most cats will foam and vomit if given the wrong dosage. The pedialyte will help Kitty balance out his fluids.

If he isn't feeling better by tomorrow, call the Vet back. Good luck with your baby
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Do you know what kind of pill they gave him? How old are they? Depending on the pill, it could be the pill causing the vomit. Like Melissa said, you need to make sure lil' ones stayh hydrated. If he is still throwing up tomorrow, take him to the vet.
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A friend of mine had a very young kitten ( about 13 weeks) who she had taken to the vet and had "wormed". The kitten had the same reaction...threw up white foam, wouldn't eat or drink, and had soft, runny, stinky stools.

She also tried Pedialite, with wonderful results, and her baby is now 7 moths old, and thriving!

I have no other advice, but I think the Pedialite is worth a try, and is easy to finnnd.
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Okay, no more throwing up. I'm pretty sure it was the pill. I don't know what kind it was, but he is 10 weeks old.
I'm giving Pedialyte to both kitties. My main concern now is that Sebastian is SO thin and lethargic. I really don't want to lose him. He is so good natured. He even purrs at the vets. I'm trying to feed him chicken baby food, but he doesn't want anything. I'm really worried!
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10 weeks is pretty little for kittens. I don't know how you feel about the vet you took them to or what kind of exam they got. If you really don't think they did a thourough job, I would make an appt with another vet. With kittens it could be anything and if they drop too much weight or don't get enough fluid it is easy for them to fade even at 10 weeks.
Can you give a background on these guys and maybe any other symtoms that one or both has?
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Seb is practically comatose. He is really cold because he is losing his fight. He got an injection of fluids, one of steroids, and one of antibiotics. Cyp got an antibiotic treatment also. They both have a respiratory infection.
The vet says if Seb lives through the night, he has a chance. He's on the heating pad now, purring up a storm. He is such a lover. I hope he stays with me. I'm gonna do everything I can.
You guys can pray. Thanks ya'll. I guess it's all over but the waiting.
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Seb died tonight at 1:42 am. Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts.
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So sorry for your loss Sebastian was a lucky kitty to have known your love in his last days. Give Cyp an extra kitty snuggle for me. My thoughts are with you
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