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Foster kitten

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First foster kitten of the season, and she gets sick on me. Luna had a temp yesterday so we put her on Antirobe drops and I have been feeding her A/D mixed with water through a syringe. The temp is gone today and she actually tried to clean herself after I fed her this morning (which is a first) but she is still lethargic. About an hour after I feed her, she throws up, the vet thinks either I am feeding to much at one time or the food is too rich for her. Any suggestions?
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I know the a/d is very rich... um how about a good kitten can( % are a bit higher on protien but most are less in fat(thus less rich)
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That is what I am going to try next, but at this point anything I give her is going to be rich compared to the garbage the neighbors were feeding her and her mother.
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The kitten is not getting any better, so now the doctor thinks it might be a severe campylobactor infection. Luna won't eat won't drink and is prone to vomitting she also pooped for the first time today (since I've had her since Sunday) and it was runny diarrhea. So now we are feeding very small meals every hour (and I mean very small) and 3 kinds of meds. Also if the dehydration gets any worse we are going to have to do IV fluids which is very hard on a 6 week old kitten that weighs one pound. It is so very frustrating, since I have a home lined up for her and her future owner e-mails me 4 times a day to check on her progress. Sorry I just needed to vent.
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Although the fluids may be harsh on the poor little kitten, it could be beneficial. I have a foster group right now (about the same age) with the same exact conditions! The vet was at a loss for what was happening. I was in every morning to give each of them a round of warm fluids. They also were running fevers and wanted nothing to do with eating. The vet also gave injections of antibiotics and some stuff for the fevers....if the kitten is throwing up, injectible medicine might be better!
Also, it is very important to get a daily weight...my kittens were dropping about an ounce a day (NOT GOOD!!!)
Needless to say, I lost one kitten (surprisingly the one who weighed the most), but the other three started to perk up. The throwing up stopped after about 4 days and they are now just starting to gain weight.
We still have no idea what was happening to them...figured it was something that the mom maybe gave to them.
We started them on something I believe called tamifu (sp?), .1mL twice a day, and I don't know if that helped, but they did get better.
I also gave them some KMR mixed with water and some AD mixed with canned ID and water for diarrhea. I also put a little nutrical on there gums to help there glucose levels (mine started having the shakes).
It sounds like you are trying your best! I know how hard situations like this can be and I wish you the very best.
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We are giving her Clindamycin, Amforol and Tylan powder. I am feeding A/D mixed with Nutri-Cal and water about 1 cc every hour. Luna's weight is holding at 1 pound exactly, we did give her sub Q fluids yesterday but now she a crackling in the skin in that area (there is an air pocket where we gave the fliuds) so we want to avoid sub-Q for now.
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I think we may have turned a corner with Luna, she is drinking on her own today (though she is still dehydrated) and she has been a little more active. She only threw up once today, but I think she drank too much water at once and her little tummy couldn't take it. Luna has actually started to wash herself after meals too, now if only she would start to eat on her own I think we would do great.
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come on Luna keep making progress...
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That is what I am hoping. I hope to at some point get her sisters from the neighbor too, but given Luna's condition the longer they stay with their mother the better.
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Luna has started to eat on her own now and has not vomitted in over 24 hours.
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ye ha ..lol.. glad to hear it
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Yay for Luna! Good luck.
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Great work - keep it up. Luna will make it with your help
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We are having normal bowel movements now and she is eating both wet and dry food. I have let her future mom know how well she is doing now so they are working on a name for her.
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