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Needs good vibes

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I first posted in the health forum but thought OCyrus now needed some extra vibes from the TCS board. OCyrus is one of my orange boys, two and half years old. He went to the vet today because his third eyelids was showing and he seemed under the weather. Now I wait for his test results, but according to the vet he is a very sick boy. He talked about his kidneys possible having a problem. OCyrus had a full blood panel, urine drawn and an ultrasound and was put on an antibotic. The other thing he mentioned was cystitis. He had a really rough day and is at the moment taking a nap with his brother Buzz. Please just wish him a bit of good luck.

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Poor little guy! Feel better, OCyrus!
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Aw.... Feel better soon vibes coming your way!
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Ocyrus's blood panel came back today. He is fighting a viral infection and his FIP titers were a little high 1:400. The vet thinks FIP. I am hoping and praying that isn't the case. I have 12 others and am so worried about the rest of them, along with OCyrus. The vet said if that is what he has he has exposed all the others already so it doesn't make a difference at this point. He said that if he gets better he wants to retest him in a month if he goes down hill from here I can figure he has FIP. My heart is breaking at the moment because I am so worried about them all.

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My heart goes out to you and all your kitts. Lots of healing vibes coming your way.
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I'm sorry your baby isn't feeling well Sending lots of good vibes his way.
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We are with you & OCyrus in thoughts & prayers!! Poor little boy, I wish him a speedy recovery! And I'm praying that your other kitties stay healthy!! Susan
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absolutely, count with my best wishes... poor kitty... sending ((((((Good Vibes))))
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I'm sending vibes to you and OCyrus and praying for all of your kitties to be healthy and happy.
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My heart is with you in this struggle. It's never easy to hear that your baby may have something seriously wrong. I'll be sending as many positive vibes as I possibly can in hopes of better days for your sweet angel.
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My daughter just called me and said OCyrus must be feeling better. I asked her why and she said because he was out and about with the other cats. He was also sitting in the middle of the dining room table munching on his favorite silk flowers! Which he hasn't done in a week. So hopefully the vet was wrong about FIP and OCyrus is on his way to feeling better. She was going to sit down with him and feed him some kitten food and tuna water. He decided yesterday that he wanted to eat Brian's (12 week old kitten) food and right now if he'll eat he'll get it.


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Sending positive vibes your way!!

Arm yourself with information on FIP if you suspect he has it. A high titer count only shows exposure, not actual disease. The actual disease is very difficult to accurately diagnose. Too many cats are put down based on titer counts alone.

I had a cat that was positively diagnosed with FIP (he went from healthy to death in less than 1 week and tests were inconclusive until the day he crossed). He lived with 6 others and none contracted the disease. He was EXTREMELY close to 3 of them. Most cats will test positive for FIP on a titer test. Few actually develop the disease.
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Thank you for the kinds words. Everyday that he doesn't get worse makes me feel better. Perhaps it is just a corna virus he is fighting and he'll get better. The vet said that was a possibility too. I understand now about the titer levels. I'll update and let you know how he is doing.

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Many get well vibes coming your way
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