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Who's the boss??

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Isn't this adorable?
I found it and thought I would share!

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How cute, did they swap beds?
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that's too cute!!
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omg, that's so cute Kathy!
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pretty sure that the cat is the boss and the dog is a big softy.
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How cute!
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That is too cute. Love it.

Cats rule, Dogs drool.
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is tht dog real???
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Oh my, too cute! Poor puppy!
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I love it!
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Oh that is too cute! You'll probably see that picture start circulating on those emails containing funny animal pics!
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YEAH Cats RULE!!! ...
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That's so funny.
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Hehe I like that!

reminds me of my sleeping situation... by the time I crawl into bed, I've got several of my 6 already sprawled out, so I have this one small spot I have to fit into. (I just need a bigger bed is all)
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Originally Posted by fwan
is tht dog real???
Fran, I believe you are due for an eye, STAT!
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