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Some get well vibes please??

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Hey guys, Today was my third day at work (pet shop), and I am extremely sick. I think it is the flu but I am not sure. My throat feels like it is swollen shut, my ears hurt, I cant stop coughing, and I have a splitting headache that no amount of meds will alleviate. I know I am whining, but being this sick really sucks. Can any one spare some get-better vibes for me?
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YIKES! I know how you feel. I work when I'm sick too, it sucks! I hope you get better soon!
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(((Hugs))) Sending get well vibes your way!!!! I know it is no fun being sick!! Take care of youself and drink(try to at least) lost of fluids...try sucking pieces of ice..that always seems to help my throat when it is sore..also...gargle with warm salt water for the throat pain....again..take care and I hope you feel better soon!
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Aw, I'm sorry you're feeling so yucky. ((((GET-WELL VIBES)))) on the way.
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Please feel better soon, Stevie!
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Sending mega get well vibesyour way!
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Drink lots of water if you can and GET WELL SOON!! I'm glad you found a job and in a pet store too!! VIBES {{{{{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
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Hope you feel better soon Stevie
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aw get well, i just had this horrible cold/flu thing and now its nearly over

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OH, no!! I hate having that crud!! My hubby just got over it. anyway, you might try a ginger-water gargle (put about 1/4 tsp. of powdered ginger in a mug of warm/hot water) and also, cleaning your sinuses with an over-the-counter saline solution several times a day . It worked for him. After the cough prescriptions failed, he took my advice. I used to wait table in a ski area, and that throat junk is the worst esp. when you have to talk over the music in the upstairs bar - we'd use the ginger water &/or hot lemon water with honey & a pinch of cayenne pepper (the band singers taught us to add the cayenne -)it usu. works fast. And of course, here's LOTS & LOTS of healing vibes!!! Congrats on your new job, by the way...
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Thanks for all the considerate advice! I still feel like poo. I went to the doctor yesterday and got medicine, I have a viral infection. I feel so yucky, and I am just tired of being sick. It also really sucks that I have been at work for less than a week, and I already cant go in!! This gives a great new impression, right?! But the Dr. says its contageous, and I cant be in public. Fingers crossed for a quick healing!
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