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My Mom's cats....

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My mom has 3 cats, Rummy F, 4 yrs old; Rocky M, 4 yrs old; & Lucky M, 12.5 yrs old. She says Rocky is way too aggresive with Lucky. It started about 5-7 months ago. They were never friends & Rocky always thought he was top "dog" here. All 3 compete for her time and attention. Recently for both to sleep in bed with her they have to be seperated to either side of her. Even then Rocky would stand up and stare at Lucky until he left the bed. Lucky tenses up and stops purring whenever Rocky gets within 3-4 feet of him. Lots of times when she gets home from work she will find Lucky's fur on the kitchen floor. Lucky usually stays upstairs in the evenings because Rocky will guard the downstairs/L.R area. To get sleep she will have Lucky upstairs at night & Rocky downstairs. Even keeping them seperated at night it starts again in the morning and Lucky stays behind her to keep from Rocky going after him. During the same duration Lucky has gained weight (sick, comfort food, lack of exercise?). Also there is a black & white cat roaming around outside but it doesn't seem to upset any of the cats. She has a vet appointment for Lucky coming up, and got some kind of (recommended) hormone air freshner from the vet. She doesn't want to give up Rocky despite the problems, because he is a declawed indoor cat. Right now she is mostly ignoring Rocky unless he is well behaved, (versus yelling at bad behaviour). Until she gets Lucky to the vet, how can she curb Rocky's behaviour, especially when she is not around to watch them? Also looking at other sites, should Rocky go to the vet himself? As far as I know all three cats are fixed. Lucky may also have arthritis which will weaken him in self defense. It is also a two story home that should have plenty of space. Any suggestions & ideas will be helpful.
Art Angel
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Poor Lucky! I don't have alot of advice but I think its a good idea to get him to the vet to rule out any health problems that Rocky may be picking up on.
Cats that are ill smell strange to other cats but may not look ill.

I would tell her to keep them separated for now until she rules things out

She may have gotten Feliway (the calming hormone).
I hear that if you buy the diffuser kind instead of the spray, it works better.
(the diffuser is what you plug in and it emits a steady calming hormone to cats)

I just hope someone else has some suggestions for your mum..

Thanks for being so kind to post for her!

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