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Breaking my heart

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I thought my one year old cat and new kitten were starting to get along..... and its breaking my heart to realise they aren't.....

I know its still early days, its only been 3 weeks since we got him and she doesnt arch her back or hiss at him like she used to.....

When they do get together (which is rare, as we try and keep them apart) all they do is chase each other around and "fight" - I dont mean proper cat fighting, but Alfie will raise his paw to Jess and she will retaliate, he'll run away, she'll chase him, he hides under the sofa and then she gets bored, so he goes to chase her and then the cycle starts again.

I keep him in the kitchen and I was in there earlier playing with him and I went to leave and I had him in my arms and he was noticably agitated and frightened and trying to get away, which is unlike him when he's getting a cuddle from Mummy - then I realise Jess is behind the door waiting for me.

Its so upsetting that he is obviously petrified of her - shes such a lovely cat, she doesnt try and hurt him, maybe shes still a bit jealous of him, I dont know. He's only a baby and he wants to play, but she doesnt.

All I do know is its breaking my heart having to lock him away and hear him crying to be let out, but I know I cant incase they start again and I dont want either of them to get hurt.

I'm just a really sad Mummy right now. And I know theres nothing I can do but wait and hope.
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Good luck!

Have you reviewed this information about introducing two cats?

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I'm sure you are doing all the right things - it doesnt sound too bad, give it some more time
alfie looks adorable!!
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i got Cable in October, & Pixel was never too fond of her. after Mouse died in December, Pixel began to let Cable snuggle with her, but only if i was involved, too. then, on March 28th, i caught them sleeping together on the love seat. they are still not best of friends, but they get along for the most part. getting Java has helped, as Cable now plays a lot with her instead of trying to get Pixel to play with her. it'll get better, i promise!
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