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Best Kitty Night Ever!

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I was so sad and lonely last night. My husband and I just celebrated our one-year anniversary Sunday, but he had to leave Monday morning for a four-day business trip to NYC. (The one year is especially momentous because we spent 8 months separated while he got his Green Card. He's from Canada, but they wouldnt even let him enter the country!)

I finally put away the feather duvet because it was getting too hot at night,
so there is just a light quilt now. Its smaller, so Blossom learned
how to crawl up under it. She crawled up along my body at 3am and
Billy (her brother) was like "wow a big bed mouse!" and started to stalk her. But then Blossom got to my chest and I started scratching her forehead and
cheeks and she started purring. Then Billy realized it wasnt a big
rat, it was his sister! So he curled up and put his paw on top her blanket
lump and I started petting him too. then they both purred themselves and me
to sleep. when I woke up again at 6:30 Blossom was give me a
lovefest--purring and cuddling nonstop until I woke up.

I really miss my hubby, but the kitties seem to know and
understand. they are giving me such love! It really cheered me up!

I just had to share that--it was so cute!
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Unconditional love, thats what they give!
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They are beautiful cats and I am sure they will keep you happy till your husband gets back!
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Lonliness is no fun. I'm glad your kitties can fill the gap until hubby gets home!
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That's sweet. I love that aspect of having cats... my guys are really affectionate in their own ways, and I couldn't live without them now.
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I've only had them for six weeks and I'm just so thrilled that they are choosing to be so affectionate with me. Cat lovin' is so special and wonderful--it's awesome that so many people out there know how great they are! I love my twins!
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They are very sweet, Hannah..I like how Blossom is always keepin' watch over her bro in your pics..I love her face in the second pic (like "what are we gonna do now? get up offa yer butt!")

I am always pleasantly surprised when my Lovey comes and wakes me up with sandpaper kisses in the morning..precious!
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I know how you feel. My husband and I adopted Mooch and Noodle so I won't be alone this summer. He will be gone 4 months which is long to me but I am grateful it is only 4 months and not longer. The kittens are young and don't cuddle much with me yet but they make me smile all the time with thier cute antics. We'll be spending our 2nd anniversary apart too. Mooch and Noodles help me keep my sanity lately! At the least they keep me very busy! I love my babies!!!
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Her face is so funny. She's always just looking around--she has such a delicate little face and he has such a big face. Oh, they are adorable! (she's on top of him now grooming him!)

Mooch and Noodle--Four months is a long time for sure! And missing an anniversary too! I spent eight months apart from my hubby, and that was HARD. Although, since we were dealing with the Dept of Immigration we didnt know how long it would take. Your kitties will take care of you. When he is here they are content to play with each other and amuse us. I think they can sense that you miss him and they pick up on that vibe and cuddle more than normal.

I've been so happy all day from the kitty cuddles! I hope they do it again tonight!
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oh Hannah, I would be totally lost with Sasha, my oldest at 13! He's been with me through 13 years of my life and I have to have him beside me every single day. I'm so gad you shared!!
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My Oliver has been with me through many hard and sad times. Now, they both keep me company! I freelance, and work mainly from home, so I can occasionally feel a little disconnected from the world. Plus, my husband just finished a job that had us like two ships in the night, hardly ever home at the same time except to sleep--I'm also in graduate school, so it's tough and sometimes I feel lonely--but my kittties always make sure I feel loved!
Just this past weekend, I was on the couch for a day with a bad cold, and they both sat with me nearly all day and watched movies--which they've never done before! Guess they knew I needed company!
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what a beautiful story

it's amazing how cats seem to sense our moods, when i cry, pandy comes up and kisses me bonnie ignors me though and my puppy anassa thinks i'm being silly and bites or jumps all over me...


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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Unconditional love, thats what they give!

You got that right Chick!
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Hannah, your cats really are beautiful!

I have lived in the Toronto area most of my life. Great place to live. Immigration can be a pain in the neder regions. I have a half brother who lives in Branson, MO

I wish you years and years of happiness.

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Of course, last night they were playing with the blinds and keeping me awake! But after I got them calmed down they made a kitty pile on the bed and purred the three of us to sleep.

Its funny that cats get a rep for being aloof but are actually so in tune with the nuances of human emotions! I've only had them for six weeks, and they are almost one year--I'm just so excited about them accepting and bonding with me. I hope that over the years to come there will be so many more great stories to share!

Toronto is a great town. I loved it there, and so did my hubby--we lived there for a year before I came here. We are going back a few times this summer to go the cottage up north in Temagami--fun!
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What a lovely story Your twins are absolutely beautiful. Sounds like they share a lot of sibling love and tons of love for their meowmy as well . I'm glad you have such wonderful company while hubby is gone. By the way, happy anniversary!
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awww. Don't you just love nights like that.
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My fiance and I were seperated across country for over 3 years...I know how you feel and yes, my big pig was the one that watched over me like a hawk while my better half could not be here. Be thankful, you know when your hubby is coming back..we had no idea when we were able to be together, which made it even worse. The kitties are the best at knowing when we need love.
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Where is your husband from in Canada? How long did the immigration process take?
Does he have status now?

Its so hard to be without your SO for even a few days! Let alone months!
I feel for you..Good thing you have your 'kids'!

Duh. I see now that its Toronto after reading up!!!

I was just curious as after my nursing degree is finished (I haven't even started yet..still on the list to get in!!) I might apply to live in the southern US for awhile..(New Orleans intrigues me)
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They are adorable!!! i originally wanted an all white kitty to go with shadow but i couldnt find one anywhere!!! Im glad I got Fin though because he's a cuddler and shadow isnt! arent kitty lovings wonderful??? nothing can keep you down with a loving kitty around. hehe
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He is from Guelph! lol. Guelph is only famous for Moo U But he was working for a company in Oakville. We met when we were teaching English in Sapporo, Japan. We got married last May and then I got offered a job at Duke. It was a good offer, and we thought "well, we are married now and this is a good way to transition to the states--how long can it possibly take?" NEVER TEMPT FATE WHEN IMMIGRATION SERVICES IS INVOLVED!!!!!

We spent eight months apart, but our lawyers always said "it could come through any day now!" we really didnt know how long we would be separated, but fortunately we were reunited for our one year. His company loves him, so he works from home for the Canadian company and all is well!

Just three weeks after he moved here we adopted the babies. We always really wanted our own pets. I love how they are pure white and their personalities are so funny.

I've seen one other person on this forum who has a black and white cat. That is pretty cool. We could potentially get a black cat, that could be cute. Im just glad that they are cuddly in different ways at different times--there is always one that needs lovin'!
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