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A big, sweet boy!

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This is Alex, another one of our kitties in foster care. His owner, an elderly woman, passed away a few months ago and her family members just put him out on the street. He's caged temporarily because of all the kittens. He is absolutely one of the sweetest, most patient, friendliest cats I've ever met. He deserves some admiration for all he's been through, so thought I post his pictures.

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He's beautiful!! It's terrible that the woman's family members put him out on the street but it's wonderful of you to rescue him!
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Alex is beautiful. I pray that you find him a safe, loving home. Bless you for caring for the sweet baby boy.
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awwwwwww Welcome at the site Alex! you´re a such hansome boy! you has elegance and style! ...
Thank´s for share Eilcon!
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Awww, he's a beauty! What a sweet face!!
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Oh he is just so handsome! I hope he finds the perfect home where he will be loved forever too!
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OMG - what a beauty!!! In that second picture it looks like he's smiling real big! A definite keeper there!!!
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He is very sweet looking, Great of you to take him in
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oh my goodness! What a sweet looking kitty!!! Thank God you rescued him off the streets! Please post more pictures and updates!!!
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He is gorgeous, how nice of you to take him in.
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He's gorgeous.
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Just wanted to share some new pics of Alex. After some setbacks that I posted about in Cat S.O.S, looks like this big sweetheart is finally headed for a patient, loving forever home this weeked!

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He is beautiful!
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He's handsome-I love the big, sweet gentlemen!
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awwwwwww look at him I would of taken him in a heartbeat.

I didnt catch this the first time you posted... but how marvellous that he will be on his way to a new forever home - bless you
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