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This is my Hannah. I adopted her back in 1998 just after my German Shepherd was hit and killed by a car. She was an only pet for many years before adding, to date, 5 more cats and 4 dogs. She is very skittish and hates all living things except me, hubby, and the rabbit. Unfortunately she hasn't come back inside since we got our first dog and that was about 3 years ago. I have tried to keep her inside but she wont stay, she'll fight with the other cats and the dogs just chase her around which is strange because they don't mess with the others. It's probably because they know that she is NOT dog savvy. Oh and she's about 8 years old now. Maybe as she ages she'll start to come around as she has been noticeably more present lately.

Anyway, she made a rare appearance last afternoon so I fed her and snapped a couple of photos of her.

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What a beautiful coat! She looks SO soft!!
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Hannah....you are a sweet girl & you are loved. Please let Mama take your picture more often so we can see more of your beautiful face.
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Bon Apetite Hannah!
It´s prettie Beautiful!!! I want to give to her a big hug!
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She looks like a little sweetie. I hope you can get more pictures of her.
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She's beautiful!!!
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Awww, what a pretty girl!
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