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Hi....I'm new to the board...must say...i think its fab!

i do have an ulterior motive to registering on the board.

i was wondering if anyone could help?

i noticed that my 3 year old cat yesterday evening (Jasmine)was retching a few times. she has not been herself for a few days...not exactly suggesting that she is ill but very grumpy...won't play...she's eating normally but after she has eaten tries to regurgitate her food. i was thinking perhaps its a furball....but i have never seen her with such difficulty before...

has anyone else experienced anythign similar?

if she is no better in the morning, i shall take her to the vets

any tips / advice would be great
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I think it's a good idea to have her checked anyway.

Do you provide cat grass for her to nibble at? This helps sort out digestive problems as well as furballs. Regular brushing also helps reduce the amount of hair they swallow.

Sorry I can't be of further help. All the best to you and Jasmine
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thanks for that...
I've not brushed her recently that much and she has had furballs int he past...but this particularly worries me becasue she really doesn't seem herself. when she went out tonight she made a bee-line for the grass...which suggests hairball or upset tummy to me

i will get her checked out first thing in the morning

this will be the 3rd time at our vets clinic this week! my other cat cost me £200 the other day...

oh well....they're more than worth it!
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I hope your kitty feels better soon :kitty5: Kudos to you for being responsible and taking your furkids to the Vet when they need it, you are a great kitty Mommy Keep us updated
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Yeah, if nothing is coming up, she may have a small blockage in there.When they start showing signs of hairballs, you can give them some petromalt,laxatone or a tsp of veggie oil. It will sometimes help to get it out. Usually a vet can feel if there's something stuck in there.
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thanks for your replies....little Jasmine is well on the way to recovery now after an antibiotic shot!

she has a throat infection, similar to human tonsilitus - which incidentally, I have just recovered from myself, so i know how she feels!

she's feeling a bit sorry for herself and is on mommy and daddy's bed at the moment snuggled under the duvet!
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So glad that Jasmine is going to be feeling better soon!!

Welcome to the board!
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Jasmine went to the vets for her second antibiotice jab tonight.....and is full of it!!!

back to her normal self now

thanks for your comments!
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