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I should have stayed in bed today

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Okay... I assume some have read my verizon story. And thankfully its all set and my phone should be here Friday. HOPEFULLY.

Anyway... I finally got my neighborhood newsletter done and I had to print it out, bring my hours to the office and drop of my TN license at work force. I also have a call out to the job interview that hasn't called back. Its been a bad day. So I was joking online with a friend how today is my make up for Friday the 13th. Anyway, I had to mail off a package to a friend and to someone else so I got everything ready to go.

So I'm ready to go...

My car is dead.

I should have stayed in bed today.
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That's awful Beth! Here's a great big for you!!!! I'm really sorry your day has gone that way. I often try to tell myself on days where things feel like nothing can go right, that at least I'm getting all of the bad and frustrating things out of the way so tomorrow and the rest of the week can run smoothly! Hope things start to go your way!
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That sounds like ALL of my MONDAYS!!!!

It'll get better.....look at it this way, everything has already gone wrong what else could?

You'll have a wonderful afternoon!!!!!
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Awww Beth! When you get one problem then another straight after you think the world is against you for some reason?!

Well thats all the problems your going to have for today so it should be plain sailing from now on!
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I just hope its the battery. I'm glad hub did some automotive stuff in college lol. I'd like to be able to go somewhere tomorrow!
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Next to Meishka......yes!

I´ll send you a big hug Beth! don´t give it up!
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Well, the starter on the car went. Luckily hub knows what to do.
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Oh Beth I am so sorry your day has been so crapy!! I think you need a BIG

Think postive and tomorrow will be better.....hopefully!!
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Aww Beth, sorry to hear about all of your bad luck, but remember, when you hit rock bottom, the only direction you can go in is up!!!
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Oh no Beth Life can be a big, stinky, sweaty old gym sock sometimes, can't it? How are things for you today? Any better? Thinking about ya chica!
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Well, other than finding out that the last like 10 seconds of the season finale of my show was cut off last night on my recorder, things are okay!! lol I'm just going to bum around the house and clean and do laundry. Maybe I'll hear from the job interview. Hubby has until noon off so he is working on my car.
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