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Need a new vet

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Does anyone know where I can find a good vet around my new home? Is there someone I can talk to or a website to find a good one? Or am just going to have to go to one and see how he is?
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The best way to find a vet in a new location is by word of mouth. You can't really rely on websites, or 1800DENTIST types of things because the Doctors have to pay to be listed in them. Ask around, see what people say and then if you hear of one you think you might like, check with your local veterinary board to see if he/she has had any complaints or disciplinary actions.

Hope that helps some.
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ask the local animal shelter who they use. their vet will usually be very good and compassionate. the animal shelter might get a reward too for passing you on as a client.
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It kind of depends on what you want to do but I always just check the yellow pages. Some people go for the super-friendly vets while some call around for the lowest prices.

I usually sacrifice personal attention and pick larger multi-vet clinics that have scheduled appointments during the day with overnight emergency walk-ins. These places are usually fully-equipped. But that also means my pet rarely gets the same vet and I have to stay on top of things with clear answers to their questions on each visit. If possible, I usually prefer a university's vet clinic which is staffed by vet students and instructors. Again, the downside is that large clinics or teaching clinics won't take time to answer lots of personal questions. That's why I use the internet.

Anyway, just figure out what's important to you -- personal attention, low cost, well-equipped -- and then selectively seek that out.
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