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Ear mites

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I got Oscar about a year and a half aog. He was a stray and I found him in my parent's backyeard. He had severe ear mites and I had them taken care of at the vet's right away. Can anyone tell me if ear mites can come back even when a cat is ALWAYS indoors?
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I beleive they may walk or fly in... like dust mites that live in the cleanest house
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Because recently, he started digging at his ears again. I thought at first it might have been an ear infection and recently it got to the point where he's doing what my old vet called "the ear mite twitch" i believe. It's where when you touch they're ears, they kick their foot like they want to itch it. Problem is I don't even have a vet around here yet!
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I would find a vet talk to friends / neighbors and co workers for refferal ... there are soem decent cleanear ear mite meds over the counter go to the pet store to see
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Does that sound like he could have them again? I was going to go to the pet store and get some ear mite meds but I wasn't sure. And if it's not, he won't have a reaction, will he?
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Never say never but most dont ... does he have black specks in his ears??
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Sakura had ear mites not that long ago. They can hide in the ears really well. My vet said she didnt see any but all the signs were there so she treated anyway. The vet gave us a new flea/tick drops that came out recently that also kills earmites. It's called Revolution. So far it has worked great! If you take your kitty to the vet you should ask about it.

By the way i wouldnt recomend using the over the counter products. They wont fix the problem for long and some of them can harm your cat.
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I haven't really looked. Let me go check......yeah but do cats have ear wax? lol.....They're like little black spots all inside his ears......
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sounds like ear mites to me
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I know he had ear mites before because my old vet took those little camera things and stuck them in Oscar's ears and sure enough, there were those little boogers! They are so ugly and nasty looking! I guess I should try something! Anything to try and ease his suffering!
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I disagree on the otc stuff I have used it for years like 20 , but a vet needs to see if that is the only problem... try a ear cleaner first
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Ok I called a vet around here and the assistant or whoever said that ear mites can only really come back when he's outside but I think I'm going to try the OTC stuff and then if that doesn't work then I will take him to the vet. I am a broke college student and cannot afford a $100 vet bill! But I will try the OTC stuff first. Do you recommend anything good?
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Yes, it sounds like ear mites to me. Although if he never goes outside and never came in contact with another infected cat, then I'm not so sure.
Revolution is the best ear mite treatment as far as I'm concerned...3 treatments will solve the problem. I've also used drops called Canural that works pretty well, it's just their pretty finicky about have drops placed in their ear.
I think you'd be wasting your money buying something from the pet store. The difference in price compared with the vet is not that much more. I have tried OTC solutions and they don't work.
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