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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
I'll be right there to change all Baby Obes diapers if you'd like, Dan!
Me too!! Dan, you'll have so many people there to help, you and Chris won't have to!!

Poop I can handle (I used to change my cousin's diapers when he was a wee baby, plus I babysat for years). Barf on the other hand...
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I just came back from a visit with my granddaughter, and no more changing diapers for me! It was ok when she was newborn in the hospital, but now, WHEW!!!! I started to change one, and gagged so hard that my daughter had to take over. How could something so foul come from such a sweet little baby girl?! They say it is from the drops she has to take for her tummy aches, if not, I think she needs to see a doctor!!!
I was glad to get home to the litter boxes.
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My partner and I have a theory that the poo smell strength is directly related to how cute an animal is.

Cow - okay its runny, but its not that bad if you let it dry a bit.

Goat - not very offensive at all.

Horse - a bit more pungent but really not that bad.

dog - getting a bit more icky.

Cat - Evil smell, just pure evil.

It is as though cats are so cute they have to pump out the badness so they are balanced.
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