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Poor grammar and misspellings don't annoy me, but I do find them laughable at times.
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47
Know what I find disheartening? I have high school. That's all. And I work in a theological college (read graduate school), where I see the material that's submitted by applicants for admission. One element of that dossier of material is an academic paper, and another is a biographical statement. And I have to tell you, the level of writing that comes in, not just occasionally, is completely appalling. That's not to say that's the case for everyone. Certainly not. However, in a disturbing number of cases, it's hard to imagine that these people have actually completed a bachelor's degree.

Admittedly, I have an affinity for languages, and I have noticed all my life that students who did well in languages did well in all of them. They were getting enough English instruction. It was the students who did poorly in other languages, who did poorly in English. But, I still think that that is a failure of the school system. Whether a person has an affinity for language for not, and wherever their strengths do lie, it's still necessary to communicate effectively. So there should be sufficient attention paid to instruction in the language in which that communication is going to happen, that even those for whom it is not easy can come out of basic education able to string a sentence together and spell the words correctly.

Just to be crystal clear here, my gripe is not with teachers. They're not perfect, and some are better than others. But, no matter how good they are, they are limited by the curriculum they are hired to teach, and with class sizes they way they are these days, there just isn't time for enriching it -- no matter how dedicated the teacher is. It has to be adequately covered in the regular basic curriculum, and clearly it's not.
it's the language affinity at work! i, too, have an affinity. i had spanish 1 year in junior high, & 1 year in high school. i can formulate questions, because i remember so much of the vocabulary. my spanish syntax is definitely off - i probably sound like Yoda - but i'm understood. then, of course, some people never understand syntax, grammar, spelling, punctuation - the 'conventions' of language. others just don't care. english is one of the hardest, because it's such an amalgam of different languages. that's why some of our ESL (english as a second language) members here on the forum sound like Yoda to us! but if i were one of the non-affinity people, i'd hire me a good proofreader!
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I don't know if this is sort of off topic, but I find education to come from all areas, not always where we would expect. I consider the two greatest sources of education for me my own writing endeavors, PBS. I learn so much from nature shows on pbs, and about history etc on their specials on frontline etc.

I can't spell worth beans but I learn new words all the time when writing cause I have to look up how to spell them and find alternative words etc.

So it's all relative I think, are you curious? Do you care about grammar? That matters more than what classes you took or your teachers in high school.
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