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Cat Hair Everywhere!

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Hey all...
With my first two cats, I was able to keep the cat hair on my clothes under control - those sticky brushes and some static guard would work. Now that we've added another cat - a long haired norwegian forest cat - the hair is out of control, nothing works to get it off my clothes, and even when I wash it, theres cat hair all over it!!!
Can anyone give me their tips on getting rid of this cat hair? I don't usually mind, I just can't go to work with black on cause it looks like I have fur.
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I use the Four Paws Magic Pet Hair Remover - it really works well for me! It works for a lot of other things too!
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Originally Posted by Sar
I use the Four Paws Magic Pet Hair Remover - it really works well for me! It works for a lot of other things too!
I don't think I've ever seen that anywhere - where do you get yours from?
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I vaccum alot and use double sided tape!
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Originally Posted by RogueAngel
I don't think I've ever seen that anywhere - where do you get yours from?
I bought mine at my local pet shop! It is available from this website though!

I suppose you could even cut part of it off and keep it in your bag for when you find any stray hairs at work!
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I know the feeling! I have FIVE cats and it's a constant struggle for me to come to work dressed professionally with cat fur all over!

I found the following works for me-

After doing laundry, immediately turn all clothes inside out so that way fur will get on the INSIDE ONLY.

Keep the closet doors closed at all times and make the closet a "forbidden area" for the cats to enter.

Put clothes on RIGHT BEFORE you leave for work so that will lessen the chance of fur getting on clothes.

Have a pet fur remover roller at work (double sided tape works too)...

Hope these helps!
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My aunt picked one of these up at Walmart a couple of weeks ago and I tell ya, it really works!! We were both amazed at the amount of cat hair it removes!
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i use lint rollers, have one next to the front door, and one in my car - this really controls the hair.

and yeah, i hear you I have just ONE cat, but he's a long haired WHITE and silky, and hair is EVERYWHERE
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Well, you could always buy a wardrobe to match your cats ! That's the nice thing about jeans and a T-shirt --- cat/dog hair is considered an accessory!
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I just keep a lint roller in almost every single room right now. Look at Saba! All that fur! Would anyone out there like a wig???
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I use those fabric softener dryer sheets on my sofa and quilts. I try to brush but sometimes I think that makes it worse!! The joys of having long hair cats!!
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I feel your pain. Last October I took in 2 long-haired cats... Snickers' fur is VERY floofy & long and it seems to fall out if he thinks too hard!!!

I come home and find chunks of fur all over from him and Hammie play-fighting (but Snickers starts it). I run the vaccuum twice a week, I swear; but after just a day or so, the furballs are flying and it's just everywhere.

And Snickers isn't just furry... when he curls up to fall asleep, you can't tell where the front is and where the end is. His tail and butt and beard are all the same bigness, so when he curls up he sort of buries himself in his beard & tail. It's funny cuz I'll go for a snuggle with my lil boy and I find I'm snuggling his butt, not his head, like I thought.

Anyway the lint rollers can be expensive, I gave up on those. Trying to de-fur my house is like trying to dry off a car in a rainstorm. I run the vac twice a week and use a wet towel to de-fur the chairs & sofa. Other than that -- I just tell people when they enter my house, lookie, I have 6 cats & one is a walking shag rug, so deal with it.

And he's such a lovely & friendly shag rug, they deal with it! I go to work all the time with fur on me, it's sort of my accessory. I don't like jewelry so instead I wear cat fur.
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