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My Guardian Angel Has A Few More Gray Hairs

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...and I think I do, too.

Yesterday Mom and I are heading into town. I'm behind a wrecker hauling a demolished car. You could see the roof had been cut off - I assumed partially. As I was approaching my next turn ( onto a bypass) the car's roof flies off and lands in the lane in front of me!

Fortunately, I was not speeding or following too closely, and my brakes were good! I stopped just a couple of feet from the debris (there was also an umbrella that flew out of the car). Oh, the car behind me managed to stop, too.

I stayed where I stopped to allow the wrecker driver to move the debris. If I hadn't, some speeding numbskull coming up behind me would've hit it.

Later... yes, later... I was going to change lanes on a city street. I signaled, looked around, and saw nothing behind or to the side of me. I start to change lanes and some comes speeding up beside me!

BTW, I'd like to think my guardian angel is my dad. He was a great driver.
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Oh that was close Jan! Did you see a feather lying around anywhere Jan?, a feather from your dads wings
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Holy Smokes Jan! Glad it turned out all right for you!
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Good grief! Glad everyone's okay.
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Oh Jan, SOOO glad your ok and no one was hurt! Oh, I am a firm believer that our dads are our guardian angels......with out a doubt!
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Close call that one I think my guardian angel is doing some serious over-time just now too! I seem to be being watched by Archangel Michael at the moment - so I'm feeling very lucky for that. I can tell, every time I have a really really lousy day and I'm emotionally on the rocker, I always find something of a specific forget-me-not blue. I don't find feathers though...

I'm so glad no-one was hurt... and it's nice to know there are drivers out there who DO think for eveyrone else on the road too. Your dad must be getting paid bigtime on the other side!!
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Oh man! What a day you had! Stay home for a few days! So your daddy can keep an eye on your even closer! Glad nothing bad happened to you!!
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Oh Jannie.. that was soo close:shoked:......Thanks to God!
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Sometimes you have to wonder if it's even safe to go out the door! Glad the only damage is to your nerves!!
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How scary! I'm so glad you are safe!
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